Impressions of the Atma-sphere MP1 mark3 preamp

Hello, I was wondering what your impression was of the Atma-sphere MP-1 mark 3 preamp and how it compares to other preamps around it's same price point? I know that it has 18 tubes, which might make it expensive to do any tube rolling. What tubes seem to work best in it and how hot does it get? Thanks! Stan
I recently bought an MP-1 MkII.2. My understanding is that power supply mods in the MkIII improve dynamics and ease. The unit I bought was unoptioned except for REL teflon caps in the LS. I added Mundorf Silver/Gold couplers and Caddock TF020 resistors in the phono section, which brought the phono stage up to a much higher level. If you've got the scratch for this unit, buy it with the V-Cap/Caddock options.

The MP-1 is a fine sounding LS & phono stage if you can live without a remote control. I'd venture that's its probably the best integrated LS/phono stage available and a relative bargain if you need both capabilities. It easily surpasses my previous BAT VK5i/P10 combo, particularly in terms of clarity & extension at the frequency extremes. It's dimensional, airy and smooth without any tube affectations. There are 10 6SN7s in the LS and 8 12AT7s in the phono stage but surprisingly it runs fairly cool. Finding good low-noise 12AT7s is not easy. For now I'm using medium-quiet Chinese 12AT7s sourced from Atma-Sphere. I wouldn't use a cartridge less than .5mV without the optional Jensen step-up transformer. For 6SN7s I'm using EH and NOS Raytheon (sound great) & will probably try Ken-Rad, which some owners prefer.

Also, Atma-Sphere customer service is fantasic. They are very supportive of customers who buy new or used.