Impressions of Coincident Speakers

Wanted - Impressions of Coincident Super Victory III

Would like to find individuals owning or hearing the Coincident Super Victory III (or other similar Coincident Speaker Technologies speaker) and / or the Devore Super 9 speaker.

I am in the market for a new pair of high sensitivity / high-flat impedance curve speakers with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms or greater. 1st order crossover, highly dampened woofer, etc.

I’m researching Devore Super 9’s and Coincident Super Victory III, so if you can describe tonal accuracy, treble and bass specifics, scale, stage/image, coherency, etc would very much be grateful for you taking the time to add to this forum your views on these speakers. It will mean a trip to SFO to listen to the Devore Super 9’s and since the Super Victory III’s are sold factory direct, my only option to purchase of these speakers would not include listening to them, buying unheard (so to speak). I’m wondering if those 12" woofers are more tame then what a sealed subwoofer would normally provide. My current speakers follow the base line with well defined and articulate notes; and thats what I am looking for. I have neighbors, and knowing I may be disturbing them with thundering room pressurizing bass distracts from my listening pleasure. I have an REL R305 sub for those times when I want to feel the kick of a bass drum and need the option of turning off subterraining bass. Coincident specs the speaker goes to 28Hz and the woofer is well damped for tube amplification. Any views / info regarding bass of these speakers would be very helpful in my selection between the above reference Devore and Coincident


My current speakers are Sonist Concerto 4, Genertaion 2, driven by 30 Watt P/Pull Class "A" (mostly) EL34 (Ars Sonus Filarmonia, with Jupiur Copper Foil / Bees Wax coupling caps)

Front baffles of speakers are approx 5’ from front wall, 9’ apart tweeter to tweeter, 3’ from side wall (center of tweeter to side wall. I sit 10 to 12 feet from front baffle of speaker. Opens up to kitchen behind where I sit, about 22 feet to wall behind my seat. So basically the entire area is 15’ wide X 37’ long, speakers on the narrower wall (15’)

I have purchased a LTA ZOTL 40 Integrated W/ EL34 Mullard tube upgrade. The LTA will be the primary amp in the new set-up.




Hi Bill (@brownsfan)

I'm glad you chimed in with your always intelligent, thoughtful and insightful perspective.  It's always appreciated. 


OP, I am recently on a hunt for more sensitive speakers and came across some at this Nashville dealer which are not on most people's short lists (such as Devore).


You will notice that this is a dealer who has very consciously stocked speakers that pair well with tube amps and also sells tube amps.

I have come to learn, thanks to brownsfan and some others, that a lot of work often needs to go into the room in addition to the choice of gear. It's not the most convenient thing to believe, but it has the virtue of being true.


I am in agreement with you. Well thought design, high sensitivity, benign load, and exceptional sonic qualities. Probably a very good match for the LTA ZOTL 40. Probably the best high sensitivity speaker value on the market, But may not be suitable for my room size / type, although that's still under my review.

@brownsfan provided a very intelligent perspective regarding the negative and positive aspects of this speaker , with an overview of speaker/room interaction and what was required of him to optimize SQ in his room.  After I responded to his observations and advice to me, I realized i didn't ask his room dimensions / configuration. Something I really need to do, to better understand the conditions of his room and speaker interaction that  he encountered.





Hi Bill.

To better understand the speaker and room interaction you encountered while configuring your room to achieve the resulting SQ; would you please provide your room size, What type of wall, ceiling, floor material, etc.. Dedicated room or multi function., etc

Thanks again for all your time and help. It's a definite benefit in helping me make an informed decision.



I just believe that the more scrutiny applied will uncover concerns about literally any speaker as none represent perfection. 


Your right, I do have a tendency to open rocks to see how they work