Impressions of Coincident Speakers

Wanted - Impressions of Coincident Super Victory III

Would like to find individuals owning or hearing the Coincident Super Victory III (or other similar Coincident Speaker Technologies speaker) and / or the Devore Super 9 speaker.

I am in the market for a new pair of high sensitivity / high-flat impedance curve speakers with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms or greater. 1st order crossover, highly dampened woofer, etc.

I’m researching Devore Super 9’s and Coincident Super Victory III, so if you can describe tonal accuracy, treble and bass specifics, scale, stage/image, coherency, etc would very much be grateful for you taking the time to add to this forum your views on these speakers. It will mean a trip to SFO to listen to the Devore Super 9’s and since the Super Victory III’s are sold factory direct, my only option to purchase of these speakers would not include listening to them, buying unheard (so to speak). I’m wondering if those 12" woofers are more tame then what a sealed subwoofer would normally provide. My current speakers follow the base line with well defined and articulate notes; and thats what I am looking for. I have neighbors, and knowing I may be disturbing them with thundering room pressurizing bass distracts from my listening pleasure. I have an REL R305 sub for those times when I want to feel the kick of a bass drum and need the option of turning off subterraining bass. Coincident specs the speaker goes to 28Hz and the woofer is well damped for tube amplification. Any views / info regarding bass of these speakers would be very helpful in my selection between the above reference Devore and Coincident


My current speakers are Sonist Concerto 4, Genertaion 2, driven by 30 Watt P/Pull Class "A" (mostly) EL34 (Ars Sonus Filarmonia, with Jupiur Copper Foil / Bees Wax coupling caps)

Front baffles of speakers are approx 5’ from front wall, 9’ apart tweeter to tweeter, 3’ from side wall (center of tweeter to side wall. I sit 10 to 12 feet from front baffle of speaker. Opens up to kitchen behind where I sit, about 22 feet to wall behind my seat. So basically the entire area is 15’ wide X 37’ long, speakers on the narrower wall (15’)

I have purchased a LTA ZOTL 40 Integrated W/ EL34 Mullard tube upgrade. The LTA will be the primary amp in the new set-up.





Thanks for relating your real time use and experience with your Coincident Speakers. 

Im thinking that facing the subs inward would tame the subs somewhat by eliminating any wall reinforcement.  I only ask this, because I had read where a reviewer stated the sub position didn't matter much in his room. Can you share any experience you have with the subs facing in opposed to out.  Note: with the speakers seperated 9 feet , if the sub side was positioned outward it would be a little less than 3 feet to the side wall.

Thanks again





Hi Brad mine were placed about 8 feet apart between rack and about 18" from rear wall which is the long wall and sounded better with the woofers pointed inward.  Good luck and have fun!

@bradf, I bought a pair of Super Victory II speakers used about 6 years ago. I am going to make an assumption that the SVIII is not a radical redesign. As Charles1dad mentioned, I drive the SV’s with Atma-sphere M-60’s. The M-60’s don’t break a sweat, however, these speakers were not happy driven by my Coincident Frankenstein 300Bs.

The tweeter and midrange (i think) used in the SVII are no longer available, which may have been the motivation behind launching the SVIII. Also, the coincident website indicates that the SVII did not have an aluminum woofer, but this is not correct. So the woofer may be a different woofer, but my guess is that it is fairly similar. The coincident website indicates some adjustments were made to the crossover to accommodate the new drivers. I suspect the crossover design is similar, perhaps with some adjustments to cap and resistor values.

You ask some excellent questions. I own both the Super Victory II's and a pair of the old retired Triumph Extreme II monitors. I had the opportunity to extensively audition (about 5 hours) a pair of PREs. Tonal accuracy and coherence is a strong suit in all the coincident speakers I’ve heard. I would say my SVIIs as they are currently set up give a nice, tuneful, articulate bass.

Again, as they are currently set up, imaging is quite good. Not the strongest center fill I would say, but superb outside the center. They image convincingly outside the speakers in my 15 ft wide room, giving the impression of an image of 25-30 ft wide on some recordings.

Both bass response and imaging benefited from an enormous effort in optimizing speaker and listening position placement as well as room treatment. In the absence of this, speaker performance in those areas was disappointing. These will not be speakers that will work in any room, and might not be the best in a room where you don’t have freedom to add extensive treatment due to esthetics considerations. The side firing woofers allow for a narrow baffle, which is a plus with respect to imaging, but the side firing woofers can be a bit more demanding when it comes to placement.

If I were to offer a performance criticism on my speakers, it would be that the midrange is not the loveliest or most refined I’ve every heard. The new drivers in the SVIIIs may be an improvement in this area, but I suspect this is going to be problem when using any 7" as a midrange driver.

I have no experience with the Super 9s, so I can’t be of help on those.

Now then, I need to tell you that I rebuilt the crossovers using about $1200 in parts. This work utterly transformed the SVIIs. Before the crossover rebuilt, the speakers were laid back to the point of being boring. You are only going to get so much out of $3 Solens fast caps. On the other hand, the inductors are pretty good, so I didn’t replace those. The transformation was significant enough that I suspect my modified speakers will out perform anything in the 10-15K price range.

Would I spend this kind of money on this speaker with no return option? No. I can justify buying used if the price is right, because if I can’t make the speaker work in my room and my system, I can resell without loosing my shirt.




Thanks very much

 I find your approach to describing the attributes and shortcomings of your SVII's  very insightful and provoked some thought with respect to speaker placement flexibility or difficulties, pending on room size, common furnishings, and acoustical treatment.  I agree with you, the side firing woofer does allow for a narrow front baffle, enhancing staging and imaging, but may present  limited flexibility in placement  to achieve optimal performance, which in your case required some degree of acoustic treatment.  While still retaining decor aesthetics, I am limited to my existing bass/corner traps and Synergistic Research FEQ / HFT's for treatment.  Since this is a fully furnished family room , any additional acoustic treatments would not be practical or visually appealing.  Even thought this speaker has the cabinet and electronic design, component type (Ribbon Tweeter) and quality, and the sonic attributes that I look for in a speaker,  it s application in my room is questionable.  While not being able to audition this speaker and  the "Absolutely No Return" policy may be more of a risk and/or loss that I am willing to accept.  

Thanks again