Impressions of Beck's New album?

I like it, I think Chemtrails might become a classic over time. Perhaps not his best album but a good one none the less.
Very good album. His best since Sea Change, which is, in my opinion, his best album.
I like it too but I'm still waiting for him to give us a masterpiece showing us how good he can be at songwriting and composition. When I first heard Mellow Gold and saw him in concert in Santa Cruz when that album was current I was floored by his creativity and playfulness. Then when I backtracked to his previous albums and found gems like Hollow Log and his blues/folk influences came out I got really excited about what would come next. I've enjoyed all of it since but I'm waiting for him to stop coasting and goofing around with production tricks and give us something really substantial to absorb. Either a whole album of acoustic blues/folk or a dozen songs in the vein of Beercan would be really cool. I think he's capable of much more than he's given us so far.
Great 33 minutes of music and I am happy that Beck favors quality over quantity this time around. Inventive and kinetic with excellent sonics and soundstage. His best since Sea Change, which is also my favorite, Mutations next.
Yeah, I also love Sea Change; it's great on vinyl. Mutations is also terrific. Looking forward to hearing the new one.
"Sea Change" gets played frequently here. It is my favorite Beck album by a lot. "Information" is next on my list. I'll have to check the new one out. I like the fact that it's only 33 minutes.
I'll have to check out "Hollow Log" also.