Impressions: Benz Glider SH vs Shelter 501?

I have a relatively new Gyrodec SE/SME309 and kept my Benz Glider SH from my previous rig, Sota Saphire/ET2 arm. Phono pre is the ASR Basis Exclusive. I am happy with the performance of the Benz but I am in a vacuum as there are few places around to audition analog gear. The Benz has a lot of hours on it and I am prob due for a re-tip or replacement soon. I could use some input regarding options, impressions, etc. Does anyone else have opinions on the Shelter 501 compared to the Benz or any other recommendations regarding a cartridge for my set up? I listen to mostly acoustic music/folk, jazz sprinkled with classic rock. I am probably not going to spend any more than $2500. Less is better if the value is there. Any info appreciated.
Had them both on Gyro SE but on modded Rega arm. Shelter is more detailed and fast. Better for rock and not any worse for vocals and jazz.
In your price range Lyra Kleos is undisputed champ.
Thanks for your reply. I will read into the Lyra.