Impression of Polk LS 700 in ceiling speakers?

I'm trying to decide which brand & model of in-ceiling speakers to install in our kitchen. The system is primarily for my wife, but it needs to sound good, otherwise she will give me a hard time for having such a nice 2 channel system, and going cheap on hers.

It's very difficult finding places to audition in-wall speakers in St. Louis. So far I've auditioned some Sonance in-walls that retailed for around $250 each and they were decent, but somewhat muted. I also audtioned lower priced models (< $150/spkr) from Klipsch, Polk, Bose & Speakercraft, but found them to be bright and/or lacking in timbre & midrange.

I know I can't expect too much performance from moderately priced in walls, but have found Polks 2 channel home speakers to be a very good value for the price, and was hoping someone owned or auditioned some of Polks higher end in-ceiling speakers like the LS 700 ($299 each) or the LS 900 ($499 each). Both are newer models that don't have any substantive reviews available... but I do like that they have easily accessable control features to tweak the sound for highly reflective rooms (like my kitchen with hardwood floors & granite countertops).

Any feedback on these Polk models or any of their higher end models in the $250 to $500 each price range would be appreciated.

BTW, my wife will only let me install "round" models. Price range is $250 to $400 per speaker. Will be buying four speakers and drive them with a Jolida hybrid integrated rated @ 100 wpc into 8 ohms.
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I have never heard them, but I would think the Mirage Omnican 65 would work well in that price range and situation. I have owned both the original Omnisat and now have 2 pairs of the OMD5 in my home theater. I like both very much. My understanding is that the OC65 are about 375 each and may be able to be found for less than that.