Importing/Shipping from China, any issues?

Are there any specific issues with shipping gear to/from China and US that either party (manufacturer/buyer) should know about in advance? I assume the shipping side completes forms at the point of shipment but that assuming the gear is standard audio components, there are no problems. Shipper (from China) asked me if there were any specific recommendations to provide from the US side. Anyone have input?
First thing is to make sure the electronics are the proper voltage/frequency. China is 220V/50Hz. Also they must be properly fused for the US market.

As far as shipping/customs, I haven't had any issues, as they usually send it direct. But I mostly buy small value items from China (mainly LED's).

The one problem I did have relates to the first paragraph above. I bought a Tube Integrated amp from China that blew the fuse as soon as I turned it on. Even though the transformer was dual-voltage (110 or 220V), the fuse wasn't changed. It had a 2A fuse. When you halve the voltage , you double the current. So I put a 5A fuse (should have been 4A), and it worked.
Thanks Joeylawn36111 -- I appreciate the input. Anyone try sending stuff the other way (US to China)?
Just make sure you use a good shipping outfit like USPS, FedEX, or DHL, and you should be fine. Presuming the shipper (be it you or them) do the aforementioned paperwork, all should go well. Ideally, the USPS is the best method to ship, so if your parts are not so large/heavy, they are far and away your best bet - good delivery time, no hassles in terms of brokerage fees, etc., and from my experience, safe handling.

DISCLAIMER: I am the importer/distributor for all Opera Audio/Consonance high-end audio equipment in the USA and Canada
Thank you Trelja -- good to have your perspective on this.Your disclaimer actually is reassuring!