Importing physical CDs into iTunes

New to above and using "Apple Lossless". Everything going well EXCEPT I'm not getting album art on many of my discs. What to do?
Try clicking on the File tab marked "Get Artwork" and let it go searching. Also make sure that Gracenote is selected for the artwork and you are hooked up to the internet.
Lots of information on link below:
You can use the above information in iTunes (File>Library>Get Album
Artwork) and automatically have artwork added to your library however
there are two things to consider when using this tool. First the iTunes
function may not "find" all the artwork you need. Second using
that tool iTunes does not embed the artwork with the file. This can be
important if you ever move the library files location (i.e to an external HDD)
as you may lose a lot of the artwork.

Though it takes more time I recommend you add artwork manually. There is
even a little trick if you can't find the artwork elsewhere to using the Get
Album Artwork and copying it to your desktop and then manually
embedding it.

To manually embed artwork I recommend that in the Songs
view in iTunes you go to View>Show View Options. Select Sort By: Artist.
Then check Show Artwork and Always Show. I prefer to slide the Artwork
Size to the largest far right position but that is just personal preference.
Next go back to View and Hide View Options. Once again go to view and
the select Column Browser>Show Column Browser. I have checked Artists
and Albums.

I primarily use for quality artwork or Google
Images. There are several other resources for artwork

Then in the Songs View and using Column Browser find the artist you want
to add artwork to and then select the album title. Next select File>Get Info
answer Yes to the question "Are you sure you want to edit information
for multiple items?". The Multiple Items Information box will pop up
and there is a window on the lower right hand side for artwork. Drag the
artwork into that window and select OK then answer Yes and you have
embedded artwork in your file.

This post and description is rather long winded but once you have this set
up it is rather easy to do and you can be sure there is no missing artwork
nor will you have to worry if and when you move your files. To verify it is
embedded you can go to Finder (I am on a Mac) and follow the path to your
music files>artist>album and finally song. If you highlight any song and see
artwork you are good. If you see a little gray box with a music note symbol
you don't have embedded artwork.
Mwheelerk- great information. Thanks.
Mwheelerk~very helpful. Thanks for taking the time for such an informative post.
Thanx so much, Mwheelerk. This worked like a charm.


Here is the little trick to embed artwork in iTunes if you can't find the artwork elsewhere. Use the File>Library>Get Album function. As I said this does not embed the artwork. Previously iTunes artwork was of low quality but that is not the case in general now. Most covers will be of good quality 600x600 size.

Anyways once you have used the Get Artwork function now go to the Songs view with the Column Browser described above. Find the Artist then the Album you are working at. Highlight one song from the Album and select Get Info. You will now have an information window for that song. Go to the Artwork tab. You will see the album artwork in the window. Drag that artwork to your desktop. Close that window. Now follow the directions above for embedding artwork except first check the box next to the artwork window, select the artwork window and hit delete and OK. This breaks the link with the no-embedded artwork.

Follow the instructions again to embed artwork but now drag the artwork you saved to the desktop into the window and proceed. Now artwork obtained from iTunes is embedded.

This may be more than most wish to deal with but if you want high quality artwork to display on your monitor, iPad or HDTV this will give you the quality you need.
One more artwork trick for display purposes.

When playing music in iTunes there is an information window at the top that
displays a thumbnail of the artwork (along with Song, Artist, Album and

Put your cursor over the thumbnail. Hold down the Command and the +
keys at the same time (again I am on a Mac but there should be the
corresponding command for Windows) and click the thumbnail. You should
see the artwork sized to fit about half your screen on a monitor or HDTV.
On my 51" plasma the artwork is about 24" x 24". It's a
neat way to display artwork while playing music. You can minimize the main
iTunes screen. Actually you can close it by clicking the red/x in the upper
left corner. If you want to reopen go to Window>iTunes.

When displayed this large you will know right away the quality of artwork in
your files.

For the art work iTunes is too stupid to find use Google Images. Works great.