Importing a cd on itunes.

I have just got itunes on my pc so I can copy some my cd's for use in the car. I am having a problem in that itunes does not import the cd in the order that they are on the cd.
Can any kind person tell me how to alter itunes for me to be able not to move the tracks after I have downloaded the cd please? I have looked through the itunes toolbar but have not seen anything that helps me.
many thanks.
Try clicking on the header of the column with the track numbers in it. It is probably just a display issue.
Thanks Dtc, I didn't do that because there was nothing in the header column above the track numbers so I was confused, anyway I clicked in the box and it adjusted all the numbers into the correct track order. Thanks!!!

In windows, and in windows applications, the title or header row allows sorting of the associated info... IF VIEWING IN detailS VIEW.

Simply clicking on any of those titles enables you to re-sort info by that particular category... Name, Artist, Track #, Date, etc. it works in lots of apps like Itunes, My docs, J River Media Center, Fubar, Recycle Bin, Explorer, etc.

If when adding tracks to a play list in Itunes, and suddenly you can no longer move the tracks up or down in it, click onto the very first colum of numbers, 1, 2, 3, etc, until you can again move them about by clicking and dragging once more.