Imported audio are you getting the same level of performance vs domestic priced equip?

Imported audio usually runs 15-30 % higher in the country the equipment is exported to vs the country of origin. This is understandable with the issues of import fees, shipping costs and distributer mark up.
I’ve gasped at times the difference one pays for the same product only because the product is being sold in a different country. If you take a domestic product at the same price point that’s not marked up with the extra costs logically you would believe the domestic product is superior since you are not looking at a 15-30 % mark up. 15-30 % is usually where you see a company offer something better
than the previous price point. This is not always the case sometimes it’s 50 % above the lesser product. If I buy a $10000. Speaker from a foreign company that sells for $7000. In the country of origin, I’m paying $10000. for a speaker that’s actually a $7000. Performing one. Take Focal audio for instance the Kanta vs Sopra are all priced about 20% apart as you move up the chain. Each step up is an improvement over the other, they say. So I’m actually paying more for less by buying foreign audio equipment here in the U.S . 
The point I’m trying make or the answer I’m seeking to my question is are you getting less for your money buying foreign audio equipment than domestic ?

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My Monitor Audio PL200 Mk11’s retail for $11,495 across the pond but retail at £6,299 here in U.K. so quite a bit cheaper. (Purchased mine for £3,999 on special offer). Generally gear is cheaper in it’s home market as there are no import tariffs or high transport costs.
I’m in the U.K. and McIntosh gear is around 25% dearer than the U.S. Worth it though 👍