So i have a sony plasma TV...(the kde55xbr950)...and lost the media box in a move....and the back of the TV has DVI input for video and analog inputs(red and white ) for AUdio....
So i went out and bought the DVDo vp30 ..jsut so i could have a scaler and a HUb(and great that it has 4 HDMI ports for later) for my other componets(like DVD i dont have to keep changing out the wires when i want to watch a DVD) i bought a HDMI to DVi cable and video works great......
Now i have a problem with audio...i hook up the two Analog coming from my TV to the Cable box...but i rather hook it up to the DVDO but there is no output for analong....(so i can hook up my cable box to the dvdo and then the dvdo to the TV..but it cant be done)....the DVDO only has outputs for digital audio and a optical ou(and my TV doens not have inputs for those..oNLY ANALOG)....NOT sure what to do...
I called up DVDO and..they said to buy a DAC(DIGITAL TO ANALOG converter)....tried that doesnt i have a cambridge audio DACMAGIC 2..sitting here....(when i hook it up via DAC...the sound comes out with some sort of high pitched humming and static...)..PLEASE HELP...!!!..ANYONE!!!..
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Try using the digital out on your cable box, not the analog outs from your TV, into the DAC. On the Motorola cable boxes (Comcast), its not clearly marked as digital out. It reads SPDIF (digital out shorthand !). Then run the analog outs on the DAC back to the analog inputs on your TV if you are using the built-in speakers for audio.

Hope this helps.
"spdif"= Sony Philips Digital Inter Face---The guy whom sold you a 2ch dac should have known better. All the new cable or Sat. boxes output only the DD,DTS format. (Even if the source is DD 2.0)You have to hook this to a processor or a receiver) Further, DVI is video,only HDMI is vid.and aud.on one cable and this must be hooked to the newer pieces with HDMI input.