Importance of Ripping CD to My Music Server

Over the years my system has evolved to a pretty decent system that sounds fabulous.  My system currently consists of:
  • McIntosh C2600 Tube Preamp
  • McIntosh MC452 Amp
  • Martin Logan Montis Speakers
  • Sony HAP Z1ES Audio Server
  • Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable (don't use it much)
  • Acoustically treated listening room
I enjoy listening to music from my Sony high resolution file player 99% of the time.  I like the convenience and I don't have a great turntable or big selection of vinyl so my server works best for me.  

I currently RIP CD's to my hard drive on my Personal Computer then transfer them to my Sony.  I use Loss Less FLAC files.

My question:  Am I missing music quality by using the process I describe above?  If so, is possible to quantify how much better my listening experience would be by using another process?

I feel like that part of the process is worth exploring next.  I am happy with my electronics, my speakers, and recent improvements to acoustic treatments in the room.

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No and no telling. Ripping is pretty much data.
It’s how you play it that makes the music.

dbPoweramp check.
Sony S590 and Rip Script check.
NAS retired.
4 of 5 players pass native DSD.
Just for the heck of it, you might try an external DAC and see if it makes a difference...

I always wonder about internally upscaling/upsampling from PCM to DSD...  I'm not a fan...

When you RIP to FLAC aren’t you in PCM? And then the HAP Z1ES upscales/upsamples/converts to DSD...