Importance of quality of coax cable feeding a DIP

Got a killer deal on DH Labs D-750 and Just upgraded my better cables silver serpent that was on the output of my DIP feeding my DAC.  The silver serpent was good, but the dh labs is on another Level, stone cold, with no break-in. It's a little thick in the bass right now though.  I still have a silver serpent feeding the DIP from the transport and  I'm wondering if changing that one out to d-750 would be another improvement.  DH labs said it would depend on the quality of the DIP..🤔 The reclocked signal over the d-750 is fantastic to these ears. It goes extremely well with the SR UEF BLACK power cord I also just got for the DAC.  Together, the synergize very well. For the price paid, I haven't a single complaint. My system has never sounded better.   How important is the cable feeding the DIP?  I would think it would be even MORE important than the cable feeding the DAC, No? 


Just recently, I think I have determined that silver-plated conductors for digital cable is actually the better way to go. (at the same time, I still think that silver should be avoided for interconnects and power cable). This was from comparing a Beldon "certified 4K’ hdmi cable to a Neotech silver-plated hdmi cable. The Beldon was definitely smearing the sound, causing problems in the digital signal.  The Beldon also rolled off the highs and had weak bass.

So, your experience with the new D-750 (which is a silver-plated solid-core conductor) definitely helps my theory.

As far as your situation, I do think that putting a D-750 on the pre-DIP stage would help. In my experience "garbage-in-garbage-out" is definitely true. I also have seen where power cable on a digital transport can affect how good the sound quality is.

How long are each of your cables? I usually make sure it’s 6 foot to avoid reflections (even if it’s silver).

The Wire World Starlight 7 might be an interesting cable to compare. The DH Labs uses a single solid-core conductor, which has been known to work well because of the 75ohm impedance dependency. However, when looking at digital signals, it’s a square wave signal so it’s important that the cable is able to charge and discharge the voltage as fast as possible. The multiple solid-core conductors of the Wire World cable might do that better than a larger single solid conductor like the DH Labs. In the end, I don’t know -- you’d have to listen to each. he. Both use silver coated conductors.

Aux input, the dh labs is 1.5 meters, and the silver serpent is 1meter.  The cold bright  sound (which btw I didn't even know I had) has been replaced with a very smooth, and palpable sound with rock solid imaging, and a larger soundstage. . I do think that as It breaks in, the frequency extremes will extend further, as of right now, it's just the tiniest bit dark sounding, with a thicker bass than I think it should have. It only has 10 hours on it so we have a while to go.   However, overall, there is no comparison from the silver serpent. As much as I like better cables, it's just outclassed by the dh labs 750.  It really was a nice surprise today.   

Could someone please explain what a DIP is?

heh, sorry.  I know audiolover's posts from another thread.  We are references his Monarchy Audio Digital Interface Processor 24/96.

It's a coax digital re-clocker.

@audiolover718 - have you thought about trying a AES/EBU cable between the DIP and the ARC DAC 8?  I know you got the D-750 because it had a true BNC connector.  Just curious.  I think you're next priority is to replace the first-stage Silver Serpent. lol
Could someone please explain what a DIP is?....

It's a coax digital re-clocker

Thanks, auxinput.


After researching, it seemed like the Bnc cable was the best, and that aes/ebu would not provide as optimal sound.  

As an example,

Here's another interesting read about connectors for 75 ohm cable.

IMHO, the difference you heard between the two cables was greatly affected by the connectors and the length of the cable. A digital coax should be very short or at least 1.5 meters in length. There are numerous discussions about the length issue. I have actually done a comparison between two identical digital coax cables with one being a meter and the other being 2 meters. The difference in sound was basically the same as the difference you described.

@audiolover718 - That's really interesting, thanks.  I'm currently running a Blue Jean Beldon 1694A for my digital coax.  I'm really curious how the Beldon would compare to the D-750.  The Beldon is basic typical RG6 solid-core copper coax.  Nothing special, but it is designed for RF.  Would you consider trying out the Beldon?  Alternatively, I'm interested in this D-750 now.  Did you get your D-750 used somewhere? 
I got my 1.5 meter brand new, from a fellow that bought it an never used it, hence he didn't need it. I took it off his hands for 100.00. I think new, with bnc it's about 190. I am still in my honeymoon phase with the dh labs. I'm loving it.  It may very well be the bnc connection that makes all the difference.  I don't know.  Apparently, according to dh labs, their conductor goes through a very strict annealing process, which polishes down the conductor to be extremely smooth, greatly reducing the peaks and valleys in the silver plate.   It's been playing all day and sounds better today than yesterday.  I also got to listen to a pair of golden ears triton one speakers today at the dealer I just found.   Mama Mia. I'm in love!!!