importance of interconnect from scout sig to pre

any recommendations for an interconnect from a scout sig. to a audio research sp-9
I'm using .5 meter length of DH Labs Silver Matrix from table to phono stage, and Synergistic Research Tesla Analog Vortex from phono stage to line stage, with excellent results. Very quiet, extremely musical.

Regards, Dan
I forgot to mention I'm using a Scout Signature also.

I'm using Anti-Cable XLR balanced from my Superscout to the preamp. Paul Speltz suggested a double shielded interconnect. I tried that and a regular Anti-Cable balanced interconnect. There was no need for the double shielded version ..and it sounded a bit more closed in compared to the regular one. I'm very happy with it.
I can echo Stringreen's recommendation that the anti-cable works very well and at a reasonable price(rare in audio).
Third for the anti cable. I'm going from a scoutmaster sig to a supratek chenin using eichman bullet rca.