Importance of a power conditioners versus surge protector

Hi everyone!  I recently upgraded my stereo and realized that I have had trouble with power outages and some “glitches” on my tv for a while.  I purchased a Furman surge protector but it is not a power conditioner.  I guess while the surge protector may be good for abnormally elevated “electronic surges” it may not filter unwanted noise and protect my system.  I have aluminum wiring in the house also which I know isn’t the best conductor.  Is it important from a music quality and component standpoint to add a conditioner?  Can you suggest a quality conditioner for under $750?
AL wire is notorious for developing corroded connections and must be properly terminated to avoid problems, which include fire risk. So if you haven't done so already, I'd start by bringing in an experienced electrician to evaluate your house wiring.
I second what @cleeds says. If the aluminum wiring hasn't been evaluated yet by a professional electrician, it's a high priority to get that done.
Your most cost-effective move, if you can do it, is to run one copper wire direct from the panel to your listening room. DIY and cost for wire, circuit breaker and outlet will be well under $750. Alternatively, the Decware Zen conditioner is a great value. You could probably do both for around $1200 and if you do, stand back, you won't believe the improvement!
Thank you for the input.  I didn’t think about possibly having al. Wiring until I started writing this.  I guess my main goal is to deal with the safety issue.  I’ll probably find out how much to run copper wire from the breaker to my stereo.  So after spending a bunch of money On that I’m left with the variable power and conditioning issue.  I have a Furman surge protector with emi/rfi filters on it.  Maybe all I can do for now.  Thanks for the Decware link, I will check up on that as well

I can only speak to the Decware ZLC conditioner as I run one, my friend runs one and it is mystifyingly terrific on all levels.  25 week wait time....but worth the wait and money.  Steve explains no surge protection.
I’ve looked at the zlc conditioner and am impressed.  Can I use my Furman surge protector to fully protect my system without compromising the sound quality of the system
Do not believe so.  The Furman would cloud the issue.  I'm moving to a whole house circuit box protection for the serious spikes in my life.