Importance and type of source

Hi everyone, I have chosen the Dali Oberon 7 speakers and the Hegel H90 amplifier for my hi-fi system (although I am intrigued by the Rotel ra 1592 amplifier; by the way which of the two amps would you recommend? Which of the two is better with Dali speakers?).
Now I have to deal with the source. I listen to music mainly from audio CDs, mp3 CDs, Spotify, Amazon music, Youtube; so I need something that plays with the Internet.
To listen to streaming music, the connection via Bluetooth could be enough, but I read that the quality is not superlative. You agree?
What solution could I adopt without spending a lot? Separate CD player and streamer? Streamer that is also cd player? And which components would you recommend?
I thank as of now anyone who wants to spend two words on me.