Import/rip audio cd's thru Winamp?

Hello to All,

I am new in computer audio.
I want import/audio cd's in flac files thru winamp.
I am looking for your guide and procedures to be followed.
Highly appreciated your step by step the instruction.

-Whether free version of winamp can allow to download in flac files?
-How to import hi res/dvd/sacd in flac files thru winamp?
-How to set the sound card in notebook while import/rip the music files/cd's?

Is there any other software available to import c'd's in flac as simplest way?

Thanks in advance.


The best program to use is Exact Audio Copy. It will rip bit perfect copies to flac files. EAC is free download from their website. Just do a search for EAC. You don't want to rip with Winamp for archival purposes. If you go to the PC audio forum of the Audio Asylum. You will find lots of information about ripping CDs.
Second the EAC idea.

Rip SACD & DVDA? Digitally? With a Notebook?

Good luck. By analog means? Sure.

Now there are some Blue ray ripping apps out there, and over at the computer audiophile I saw something on ripping DVDA... but it ain't a simple process.

I'm posting a review on a USB converter tomorrow that covers a bit of EAC's abilities with links for it's easy setup too.... look for that.
Hello Friends.,
Thanks for your feedback. I have down loaded the EAC but
while ripping the accurate rip is taking too long even I can't go further i.e. strucked over there. Please help me.

Also, I shoot the message to EAC but till now no reply from them.


in this review I posted yesterday you will find links to how EAC should be set up and used.
I would recommend using dbpoweramp instead of EAC. Easier to use and the quality is just as good as EAC.

Here is a guide to help set up EAC.

Here is a guide for dbpoweramp


EAC is freeware.... Is dbPoweramp???

I thought waht I saw said it was a subscription based software, if both a liscense and continued updates were desired thereafter.
Yes, you're right. It is not freeware, but well worth the money if you plan on ripping a large collection. You can try it free for 21 days and make your own assessment.

Rabbani asked for other options besides the free version of Winamp and I thought dbpoweramp would be worth mentioning.
My link was incomplete. Here is the link for the EAC guide


It does pay to have the imported music imported as best it can be for premium playback later on... it sets the entire stage for the process.

It also pays to try out a few media players too. As well as various file formats.

I noted these and other aspects in my aforementioned review with some links to them as well.
Dbpoweramp for me, but EAC is free and great also. I think dbpoweramp is faster than EAC though for the same results.

If your cd's are in poor shape, expect both to be very slow (your fault).


RE Rip/Burn speed

I've been using 4x for some years now on DVD copying, ripping, and CDs as well. Even with DL DVDs I can't recall the last time I got a coaster instead of an exact dupe.

Although faster has some appeal, 16x vs 4x amounts to what exactly?? 5 minutes more or less on a DVD? Less on a CD.

Time is no big deal for me. Several shots at archiving DL DVDs @ $2+ ea, does.... plus there's that added time then too.