Import from Mexico

Hello fellow audiogoners. I am in the US and want to purchase a piece of gear from Mexico. Does anyone know what typical duties and taxes etc. are? I don't want to be surprised. I contacted UPS and they were not very helpful.

If the piece was made in the USA then no taxes or duties.
I had to pay $60 and change duty/brokerage for a $1000 preamp that I bought from a guy in Canada. It's a Musical Fidelity preamp, mande in Great Britain. As I understand it, if the item you're purchasing is manufactured in North America (including Mexico), there is no duuty, but maybe some with more expertise can confirm this for you.
Thanks for the responses. Yes the piece was manufactured in the USA so I will proceed. Thanks again.
Make sure the seller writes the country of origin on the shipping paperwork. The customs officers do not know the country of origin of countless pieces of audio equipment (not to mention all the other items that come into the U.S.A. every day). Do not rely on the carrier to supply the missing information about country of origin. To the contrary, the carrier will typically pay whatever customs says is due and present you with the bill. Unless you live near the point of entry , you'll have no other practical choice than pay up even it the duty is incorrectly charged. In fact, I'm not sure you can appeal the duty once the shipper has signed off, even if you're willing to expend the time and effort to fight it.
Heed my advice!
You should call the manufacturer of said piece of equipment and have them send you a document stating the country of origin. A fax will even do. This should be done without any charge or hesitation from the manufacturer.
All manufacturers posess this document.
Remember that any company, based anywhere, may produce their gear in any market.
Just an update for future readers. I received my gear (Theta) from Mexico. It was shipped UPS express and there were no extra charges. It was also lightening fast. Everything arrived in good shape as well.