Import DVDs versus USA

There are many DTS titles avialable from Asia not avialable in the US. Anyone have any of these, if so please inform me of import quality, both video and audio. I know they come without inserts and extras on disc but that is no concern to me, I just want the DTS soundtrack. Thank you for your response.
Be careful with foreign titles...they could very well be bootlegs (very popular in Asia) and/or there's a good chance that they are not coded for US retail. I think we're considered to be "Region 1" and I don't think non-Region 1 coded DVDs will play on our players.
Don't worry all bootleg Asia copy are region less and they will play in any DVD player type.
That may be true, but are those bootleg copies properly mastered DVDs made from nice film prints, or are they DVD copies of a videotaped movie screen?? I'm just asking because I don't know. I know that many of the VHS bootlegs were often made that way. A new movie would come out...someone would sneak a video camera into the theater and videotape the screen, and it would be available on VHS a few weeks later...way before the "official" release. Are the bootleg DVDs the same, or are they properly made??