Impedance problem with Rowland model 5?

I have a Rowland model 5 that I have been using with EVS attenuators(the kind that fit on the amp's input jacks) and my cd system with great results. Recently, I have experimented with analog, but I have to turn my attenuators to max level just to get a little sound. I am using Hales System II Signatures. The phono preamp is the Camelot lancelot Pro and the cartridge is the Virtuoso wood. I ahve adjusted the preamp according to the specs for the cartridge. Could this be an impedance problem? If so how do you adjust the impedance on a Rowland? I heard it was adjustable, and I do not have a manual. I have a cheap hafler preamp that works fine with the Camelot phono preamp. Any help is greatly appreciated.
To me it sounds as if your problem is simply that the phono pre amp/cartridge has insufficient gain to drive the amp. This doesn't sound like an impedence problem - usually impedence problems are evidenced by a loss of high and low frequency info, not volume. If by referring to your Hafler you mean with that in the loop as opposed to the EVS then the answer is there is inadequate gain from the phono pre and you will need an active pre amp.
The Hafler works because of the additional gain offered(active). I have the camelot hooked into a regular input on the Hafler and all is well except the sound quality. Is there that much difference in the amount of gain with a Cd source as opposed to a fairly high output MM cartridge fed into an outboard phono preamp? I figure the amount of gain would be a problem with low output Mc, but I did not figure I would have a problem with my current setup. I guess I was wrong.