Impedance mismatches between pre and amp do this?

I think thats whats happening to my Arcam A65plus (used as a pre) and B&K st-140. Will this harm or damage any of the components in any way?

My system sounds good in the mids but the highs are grainy and sound forced while the bass is completely missing. The upper bass is tight and the detail is still there but there are huge gaps in the sound. Im waiting on a used PS Audio 4.5 preamp which should arrive Friday or Saturday along with some Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling X interconnects. Hopefully all this with my B&K ST-140 amp, Music Hall cdp and JM Labs speakers will bring me the satisfying sound Ive been searching for. Any help or opinions on coming system or causes of crap sound?
You raise an interesting question that I hope some of those with greater knowledge can answer.

Many times we argue, one says a product is great, another disagrees; I wonder if some of this is due a mismatch, such as impedance mismatches as you mention.

I have read comments before on the importance of this, yet I have know idea what to look for to try and match.
Moving equipment,IC's, spk.wires around will result in thin sound until things settle down and a certain warmth/fullness should return. How large of a room are these spks in? Most of the ss int. amps I've used w/my JM Lab spks. resulted in less than what I've been looking for. I have the Chorus 705's in a downstairs basement system which sounds superb w/an 80's based Sony int. amp./tuner/tape-deck/and a late 80's NEC CDP.(Cost of electronics less than $200.) Mid-level IC's/spkr. wires. In this set-up, in this room (12'x14') the sound is really great. I hope your new pre-amp does the trick! Keep us posted. Bill.
I tried to find some specs on you gear. I found tech specs for the Arcam A65Plus, but not the B&K ST-140. The closest I could find was the ST 125.1/2/3

For the Arcam A65+ preamplifier outputs are listed as, nominal output level 510mV and output impedance of <3 Ohms.

I found that the B&K ST 125 series has a an input impedance of 33.2kOhms. I'm not sure if this is the case with your ST-140.

Usually the ratio that is bandied around here is output impdeance of the preamp to input impedance of the amp of between 10-100:1.

Usually you run into problems if the ratio is smaller than this, such as the sonic abnormalities you described. I've had them too. However, <3 Ohms to 33,200 Ohms exceeds 10,000 to 1!

I don't know if I've arrived at the correct ratio, but this seems to be an incredibly high number. Maybe other forum members can clear up what I've offered.

There have been a few forum members that have had great success with the ST-140. The output impedance of the Arcam seems to be much lower than anything I've seen. I wonder if the problem could be with using the A65+ integrated as a preamp.

I've also experienced Kotta's example of cable movement to cause the same phenomena.

I hope this helps.
Thanks for the help guys! Im one day closer to finding out. From the specs you quoted and the sound Im getting it sounds like a mismatch. Someone on another board suggested the Arcam was running in passive mode and it sucked as a preamp. I guess the real beauty of the Arcam is the amp section but the highs in combo with the JM Labs kill it. I just received my 2nd pair of Synergistic Research Alpha X ic's (well packed but box was mangled by FEDEX!) Hopefully that will help a little. Any other ideas or suggestions on the system? Thanks again!
The preamp section of the Arcam is a passive unit? I didn't realize that. THAT could explain the whole thing.

A 33K Ohm input impedance for a power amp might be a bit too low being fed by a passive pre, especially if the output voltage on your source is less than 2V. Your amp would probably need to be in the 47K-100K Ohm range.

Good luck!
Im not sure if it is but someone else on another board said it was. Do those numbers coincide with a passives ouput? Im taking it with a grain of salt but who knows? Anyway Im anxiously awaiting my PS Audio 4.5 preamp. Ill let you guys know how everything turns out when I hook it up Saturday (knock on wood). Thanks for the help!
I received my PS Audio 4.5 pre yesterday and hooked it up to my B&K ST-140. All connections were made with Synergistic Alpha X ics and speaker cable. The sound in Straightwirde mode is very clean and smooth with good presence. The bass is tight and full and the highs although slightly rolled off are very clean. Soundstage width isnt incredible but acceptable, while depth is better. Instruments are all equally represented with the only emphasis being on vocals. They are firmly centered and clear, giving the music a more "you are there" feeling.

This brings up an interesting dillemma for me. Is music supposed to sound like a live performance or a good studio recording. With my Arcam the music sounded like a great recording (with the exception of harsh highs, prompting the switch). With my new setup the music sounds more natural. Both are enjoyable but different.

I dont use the active high level mode because the bass sounds gritty and loose. Thank God everything seems to have worked out with this new preamp (knock on wood). Now to buy more music. Thanks for all the help guys.
Awesome Bundee! Glad to hear it worked out.

Whether your music should sound live or studio recorded is totally up to you. Many people try to build a system that reveals the "true" nature of the performance. I on the other hand like my music flavored in a distinct way, so I've picked gear that puts me front row, center whether it's a concert hall or a small, smokey nightclub.

In my book there is no proper way except the one that pleases you.

Well ive purchased the alpha sterling also. These are very fast cables. The sound horrable on my tube amped system. Good highs colored mids and no bass. These are great cables best for overly warm systems. im selling these suckers. My system must be pretty screwed up because these ate interconnects of the year. God