Impedance matching IC question

I own a Transparent Reference MM2 XLR cable that I just bought used.  The cable is matched to a lower impedance source DAC (Wadia) and I'm using it with an EMM Labs DAC2x.  The EMM labs is 310 ohm vs. Wadia 120.  The "Recertification fee" for a Reference MM balanced cable is $2K - I guess they do something to reset the cable to match the EMM Labs impedance.  Does it really matter?


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you have an excellent cable- contact Transparent and ask for Brad.
He can walk you through the process and answer any questions as well.

Big Transparent fan here, keep me posted.
Happy Listening!
hi Adam,
yes, impedance matters more if you are using Transparent cables. impedance will affect the frequency response curve. However, given the impedance difference between your EMM labs and Wadia DAC is very small, i doubt the extra re-certification worth it. If you have another tube DAC, then the "rework" on the cable will be necessary as it will give a noticeable impact on the sound even if the impedance difference is small.
Usually for output impedance, it should be 20x lower than the input impedance of the connecting equipment.