Impedance matching for preamp and amp

can a preamp with 650 ohm outpur impedance (ARC LS25) drive a solid state amp with low input impedance 2K (Threshold T200)? How would this affect the sound?
For information on the effect of the impedance, I suggest you look at a recent thread, "What is the Sound of Impedence Mismatch?". I found it interesting.
Can it drive the Threshold? Yes. Will you get a proper impedance match? No. The impedance of the amplifying device should be 10 to 100 times as large. If it is not you will loose the top end information and bottom end information.
While we are talking slightly different circuitry here, my experience is that a microphone with an output impedance of 600 - 700 ohms loads perfectly acceptable into an appr. 2K impedance. As such, i would think that what you describe should work fine but am strictly guessing. I am not a "tube head" by any stretch of the imagination.

The only time that i see something working measurably less than optimally is if the input impedance of the load is very close to or less than the output impedance of the device feeding it. This is what is referred to as being "loaded down" and typically results in excessive current draw. As such, both sonics and measurements suffer, resulting in a situation that you don't want to deal with. Bottom line though is to try it and see. Sean
I actually tried this with an ARC REf2; It sounded really poor. The impedance matching is very important.