Impedance Help

I am willing to directly connect a tube CDP (with volume control) into a SS power amp.
Is there any impedance matching requirements that I should observe? Any advice/recommendation from Audigon readers more than welcome.
Thank you in advance for your precious help.
Happy Holidays to you ALL
Yes. What is the out put impedance and signal strength of the CD player? What is the input impedance and sensitivity of the amp? How much capacitance does your interconnect present?
The generally accepted, broad rule of thumb, is that the input impedance of the receiving component should be ten times, or more, the impedance of the driving component.
I like to see 100:1 if possible. I do not frankly believe that 10:1 is sufficient. If 100:1 is not possible, 50:1 or higher is ok. It's not set in stone, but I have found that 10:1 is not really enough of a ratio.
The audio output of the CDP is 0~2.2V, the signal noise ratio is 110dB (102dB for tube output)
The input impedance of the amp is 100kOhm, the input sensivity is 1.4 V for 100 watts output (2.25 V for full output).
I have no information regarding the capacitance of the interconnects, sorry
Thank you very much.
Hervel, so far your OK, how about the ouput impedance of the CD player. Does it vary with volume setting and if so what's the range? What kind and how long is the interconnect?
With such a high input impedance you are probably ok but let's find out what the output impedance of the CDP is. If you tell me the brand of cables I can tell if capacitance will be an issue.