Impact of Walker Audio Extreme SST

I am ,like many of my audiophile brethren, always looking for a way to improve my system. For several months, I have followed comments here and on audio asylum about the benefits of Walker audio sst and extreme sst contact enhancer. I must say that I was a skeptic, cryogeniclly treated silver particals suspended in some sort of vegtable oil for $150. Well being the fool I am and believing what my fellow audiophile had written, I decided to take the plunge with both feet. The product seems absurdly over priced but the results were well worth $150. The benefits were across the board. In particular the soundstage is better defined, individual instruments and vocals are better defined and more 3 dimensional, bass seems more there and taunt and the highs are more airy but not at all agressive. I was wondering if any members have recently experienced this product. By the way my system is composed of Theta Basic II transport, Camelot Uther IV DAC (direct to amp), Tara Labs Air 1 interconnects and speaker cables, Rogue M-150 amps and Audio Physic Virgo II speakers.
Sgunther, your description of what the SST does to the overall sonics of a system is dead on and accurate. I have loaned out my jar to about seven different people, and they all come back with amazement on their faces. It seems expensive for such a small amount, but you use so little and the postive changes so much, its really a bargain. Whats also amazing the gear in a system doesnot have to be highend/audiophile level to hear the difference.
I haven't tried the Walker, but do use Xtreme A/V's QuickSilver paste. In my opinion this is one of the first tweaks (contact paste) a person should implement.
I have experienced the same sort of "across the board" improvements which suggests that the signal transmission is less than optimum at very many points along the signal chain, even in systems that already sound excellent.
Because it takes so very little to treat an entire system there is almost all the product still left in the jar.
The idea that high tech cryogenically treated micro-silver particles are dissolved in a vegetable oil at first might not seem the height of scientific advancement, but the few extra calories only seem to help the performance :>)
I agree 100%. Xtreme AV's Quicksilver paste gives you enough product to treat a handful of complete systems. (That's around $13 each)

I've shared with a few friends already and have done 3 systems for myself and still have a little left!

I have a write up in the Quicksilvers testimonials at their web site.

Try Lloyd's enhancer on your video connections.
I use Xtreme A/V's QuickSilver on both my high-end audio rig and AV system. My experience is similar to yours on audio, after break in of course (for break-in I repeat track 4 of Ayre Burn-In CD for about half a week). Try not to break the connections once applied. Works great on video, as well - apply to all connections from the dish to the set, including splitters. Clean connections well before applying, especially if connections or splitter is outside. You may need to adjust color a bit after break-in on video connectionsÂ…I did. SST can easily be removed with 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol, such as MG Chemicals brand. Brush can be cleaned with this alcohol too. Expensive, but it goes a LONG way (store it in the fridge).
I concur completely Sgunther. And, would add to be sure to apply the Walker SST to component fuses as well, plus the clips on your speaker drivers where the wires connect inside the speaker cabinet. Essentially everywhere along the signal path that is accessible.
Should I store in fridge or freezer.
I like to try this product after reading all the posting on this forum. Is the Extreme SST ever on sales somewhere or can only buy factory direct? Thanks.
First, let me say that I have a very high opinion of Mr. Walkers analog gear. Just wish I could afford his table and phono stage.
I bought a jar of his Extreme and put it on my IC's and speaker spades and heard no difference whatsoever. I lent the jar to a friend who also put it on his IC's and speaker cables. He also heard nothing. I would say that it probably stops any oxidation of the metals though.
Sgunther, my experience with Walker Audio's Extreme SST matches yours. So does the experience of all the members of our local audio group who've tried it in their systems. For me, it's now a necessary component to my system setup.

For storage, wrap some electrical tape around the jar lid, seal in a plastic bag, and store in the freezer. Allow it to thaw overnight before using. Then re-freeze.

Dtsag, Extreme SST is available direct from Walker Audio, or from various of the usual mail order sources. I've not seen it discounted anywhere. Walker Audio does offer a full money back guarantee within 30-days if it doesn't meet your expectations.
I am very glad that this forum is here to discuss these things, my regular friends and family would think I had totally lost it if I described to them what I had purchased, how much I paid for it, what I did with it and the results in audiophile terms. It is not as if I am embarassed or trying to hide anything it is just that normal people just wouldn't quite get it. Does that make us abnormal. Anyway I am glad to hear others have had the same positive experience with this and similar products.
It made a HUGE, across-the-board difference in my and my buddy's systems. Just be careful about how far you go on the connectors. FWIW, I preferred it to the QuickSilver and SilClear.
I may be exceptionally clumsy, but after doing the pins on my all-tube monobolocks with SST, following the instructions, never going above 1/2 the pins, with what I consider a tiny amount of product, I turned the amps on and both blew. Changing (blown) fuses didn't help. Repairs: $600+.
FWIW,while on the subject of Walker Audio, I found VIVID to muffle sound, with great diminishment of mids and highs. Did tests with VIVID and Auric Illuminator on duplicate CDs.No contest: VIVID worsened sound, Auric quite noteably improved it.
I have issues with Lloyd Walkers' instructions for use of his SST/E-SST.First,I believe that any male connector should be viewed as a "finger" and the SST/E-SST should not be applied below the "nail" portion of said "finger",as the substance tends to migrate.Secondly,I believe a small paint brush or nail-poish applicator should be used>>Less is More.Some may not feel the applicators are at fault,but said applicators can over apply and then Boom=sizzle.
I throw the applicators away and provide said brush.And yes,I sell Lloyds' products.
I'm not sure I understand how putting something between 2 contacts could enhance the sound, other than by keeping the surface of the contacts clean over time.

Logically, I look at it this way: the best contact you can get between to surfaces is mating those surfaces directly - it seems to me that putting material in between them could only diminish the contact not add to it, since you can't improve the fundamental transmission qualities out from one and into the other.

I'm no electrical engineer though, so maybe I'm missing some fundamental concept.
Joncourage, I'm not an electrical engineer either, but I hear the sonic improvements. My understanding of the situation is that in any interface of materials (same or not) there will be some resistance that will create some amount of interference in the electrical signal, often a spike of energy in the very high frequency range. The contact enhancers improve the conductivity at those interfaces, reducing the interference and the energy spiking. The Walker Audio Extreme SST is very effective in my system at improving the sound quality and is sonically the best contact enhancer I've tried. I consider it a necessary component here and I encourage you to give it a try. If it doesn't work for you, return the unused portion to Walker Audio within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping.
I once bought a power conditioner on Audiogon and when I got it, noticed the presence of a whitish pasty substance in and around a few of the outlets, so I knew the seller had used something, and when I asked he said he'd treated his power plugs and outlets with this product. However, I never have heard any differences between the treated and untreated outlets, and he didn't come across as being very convinced either. But I guess you can't go wrong with a satisfaction or your money back guarantee...
some equip & cable companies do warn about using any contact enhancers with any sort of metallic it so for SST? for example, jena labs specifically warns agst this.
>> 08-15-06: Joncourage
>> I'm not sure I understand how putting something between
>> 2 contacts could enhance the sound, other than by
>> keeping the surface of the contacts clean over time.

this was my question & confusion too. However, after reading some archived posts on this matter + talking to some people, this is what I understand: the RCA signal carrying pin does NOT make contact all along its pin shaft. It makes contact only at the tip end often owing to the larger diameter hole vs. the RCA pin diameter. 2ndly, even tho' the RCA center pin looks smooth to the naked eye, it is not so. It is dimpled, say, much like a golf ball. Thus, even if this center pin makes contact along its pin shaft, the contact is intermittent.
When the entie RCA fits snuggly, it is the outer metal jacket (ground) that is making a snug contact. This gives most of us a mistaken impression that the signal carrying pin is making full contact!
So, when you use a silver-based contact enhancer what it does is (1) build up the center RCA pin's diameter such that a larger surface area of the center pin shaft can make contact & (2) fill in the microscopic pits in the center pin shaft thus smoothing the surface & enhancing the overall contact surface area.
IMHO. FWIW. Some one correct me if I'm wrong. Thanx.
Bombaywalla, from what I understand, something like SST is operating with too thin a microscopic layer to "thicken" the pin or bridge gaps, although it may help with the microscopic pits. Lloyd has told me it's all about improving the conductivity of the electrical connection at the point of the mechanical contact, however large or slight.
After all the reviews of this particular "snake oil", I too have succumbed to its charms. I must say the improvement was of the OMG caliber. Much better soundsatge, dynamics, transparency and "live" character. As if all the drivers improved individually.

Agaffer: clean the connectors with Deoxit or a similar cleaner, as Walker recommends, and you will most likely realize the magic.

It never ceases to maze me that the jaw dropping improvements in my system always come from "tweaks" (Walker SST, cable elevators, RRL vinyl cleaning fluid), rather than from new $7 K speakers or new $3 K components. I would be most interested to hear if others have similar experiences.
Almost non. Don't believe the hype! I have mat J.Walker during the introduction for one of the N.J dealers.