Immersion Auro 3d processors

I’m upgrading my primary music room from a 7.2 set up to 11.2 with 4 height or in ceiling speakers. I have Focal Aria/Kanta speakers and an Anthem Statement D2V processor.  I’m looking for suggestions on a new 11.2 processor to replace the Anthem that has Auro3 software.  I’ve gotten spoiled listening to music on my home theater using a trinnov 32 processor which is not an option due to price range.   I’m looking at the Marantz 7706.  Is there a immersion audio processor out there in the 2 to 5 K$ range that’s a better choice?  
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If you are looking at Marantz and have the budget, I would recommend the AV8805 or AV8805A.  (or even an AV8804).  The power supply is much better and analog stages for each channel are all on separate boards.  That being said, Marantz is excellent with full and powerful sound, but it is voiced just slightly warm with slightly rolled off / softened highs. 

Otherwise, Anthem AVM 70?
I agree with the Marantz  AV8805 / AV8805a suggestion. I started out with the AV7704 , and found out it had some limited layout issues for my system and sold it . I went with the AV8805 and was able to ad a center ht and top surround speaker , adding to the Auro 3D experience.
If you haven't pulled the trigger on the Marantz yet, you might want to check out the Arcam AV40.  Like the Marantz 8805, it supports 13.2 in Auro 3D, but also uses Dirac for room correction in all channels.  Dirac is amazing!