IMAX Oblivion -my take take on the experience

Walked into an IMAX screening of the latest Tommy Cruiser Oblivion movie last night. I personally liked it, and rank a notch or so above Prometheus, and perhaps right near the likes of a Tron Legacy, approaching Minority Report. Overall, like a lot of recent history sci-fi realeasings of last decde, my impression of the film was that it was largely carried by the assitance of a beautiful, massive, HD digital (4K?!) viewing experience, and a SUPERBLY detailed n dynamic active digital sound system! FUN FUN FUN! (I also admit that I'm a fan of whatever Cruiser tends to be cast in, especially sci-fi/action flick-wise)
Anyway, back to point. first thing I notices at openning scene was that black levels of this screening were only "slight-above average" at best! In fact, I kept thinking that certainly my JVC projector's I've owned have offered BETTER BLACK LEVEL performance than this! -So that's encouraging, and it made me feel good about potential on the home front. An yet, the detail and contast of the picture, in most every scenes (a little bit gray overall in dark, low relative light level scenes) was VERY good - infact highly impressive. OK, WOW! I was not disapointed in the visual and sound of this presentation!
Another thing, I pressume that 2 digital projectors in an IMAX presentation means 4K digital? Because the picture sure looked really really good at nearly 1:2 seating distance (I was upfront). But yet I could still see some pixel structure on white texts and very light areas of the image, making me think that 4K vs 2K presentations in my home are ultimately going to still be relative to how far I sit from the screen! (still excited that 1080p works, while we wait for even better. Hehe)
Never the less, there wasn't really anything to complain about, but rather much more to get enthused about, for pic and sound. Oh, and the sound was REALLY potent and dynamic! Twas very thrilling sound indeed, with great pressence, dynamics, and a solidly believeable soundstage.
If anything, it made me think that most passive home stereo systems aren't likely going to pressent as bold and as powerfull of a pressentation as what I experienced from the active digital horn system that was IMAX -very hard hitting and potent sound, to be sure.
Basically, besides enjoying the experience and film for the most, the sound and pic really made me excited about getting the same experience in my home! Really these movies inspire me to look foreward to better projection in my setup, better viewing environment assessment, and upgarding my sound system.
So I say to every, If you get a chance to go see this film, (particularly at a good IMAX theater) I highly recommend it to the faithful here, as it will make you take notice of the quality that you can try to reproduce on your home system, at the least.
But besides that, I think most will simply enjoy the film, and appreciate the technical achievements of the presentation.
Good show!
I've seen it yesterday in 4k. Almost walked out from the cinema. This film is a disaster. 2/10 in my book.
WOW!, no body cared!'s official.
lol. Well, I certainly liked it enough to give it anouther view, and to recommend it over a Prometheus and ANY OF THE STARWARS PRE-QUALS! (certanly not the IV/V/VI) ..but that's just me.
I'm now wondering, however, just what kind of movies buffs all the home theater enthusiasts here, concerned with system integrity, higher end audio, and large screen images, are into?! Is everyone here excited about the upcoming extended Star Wars CGI flic-fest?!..maybe waiting for another Bourne Discrepancy 9? perhaps chomping at the bit for the next aging Arnold and Stalone tandum screening to appear in the "Depends-ables?" ..cause I KNOW all ya all ain't inta no "The Piano", and "leMisseryable" or "Da Break UP", and such!? ..really??????
Oh, and PLEASE tell me you all dind't really love the filf-flarn-filthy mouth fest of TED or The Watch more than this film!!?..I weap for the future! BBUUUAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! .WWAAAAAAAAAAA
Case anyone cared (I think I'm alone on this posting), I WILL be viewing Oblivion 2 when it comes out...IN 3D, no less! :-)
Guess I'll be the only one in there. ..I'll probably run around the theater, looking behind the screen to see what's back there, and laying sideways accross 3 seats w/raiseable arm rests, texting all night on my cell phone. ..all by my lonesome. I can already hear the crickets chirping between scenes...
I am not much of a movie theatre goer, but thanks for taking the time to post this review of the movie and the theatre experience. Looking forward to your reviews of Oblivion 2, 3, and 4.
Of note: Iron Man 3 lasted about A WEEK, before going bye bye from my local Megaplex!!! (honestly, I walked out less than 15 minutes in -been there, seen that -, foolishly having payed $19.50 for the IMAX showing!!.lol - what was I thinking?! I went in to see Oblivion again, instead)
Oblivion, on the other hand, has continued playing for over 5 weeks, last time I checked!
I like it. That's me though...
This movie is a perfect example of horrible execution of a good idea. The only bigger disaster than this movie is the fact that those were two hours of my life I will never get back. I found this thread while looking for comments on a Prometheus preamp and now I've been reminded of that day I walked into one of the worst movies I can recall. Thanks Avgoround.
Ah, it appears my poor spelling was the reason for this sad reminder...Promitheus preamps are spelled with an "i". Blast!
Wow! Well I am truely amazed. I looked up the numbers online, and it appears (as of todays date) that Iron Man 3 - domestically - grossed some $385M dollars+. On the other hand, Oblivion has grossed ony $88million domestically!
Seriously?1! I walked out of that "BIG YAAAAWN" $20/TICKET 3D Iron 3 Imax experience, personally! - and I liked the first Ironman, and even the 2nd, ok. Just really felt this last one was more of the same repetitive iron costume foolery, and same old (don't get me wrong - I like RDJ) Tony Stark quips, that I've now grown tired of!
Did everyone here like THAT film, at least?..
Well, guess I'm the only one who liked the Oblivion! lol Good news is that maybe the Bluray disc will be so low in price that I'll be able to get Oblivion for like $7!! ..and I will be buying, thank you. I liked it.
I'm with you Avgoround, I liked oblivion. Not sure if its better than Prometheus but a good Scifi film. I saw both at the IMAX in 3D
I would have rather bought a pair of $19.50 IC's.
Lol! $19.50 IC's? I have yet to find a pair that cheap that REALLY sounds good. Best I've found is $120/pr used Harmonic Tech Truth Links. $19.50??? PLEASE inform me what you find good at $19.50 for IC's! Heck, I'll try most anything once for a system option. :-)
It would seem one with your predilection would have to watch the movie twice, once for the technical aspects and a second time for the story, plot, etc. Or maybe it might be thrice?

As far as IMAX, I recently saw the latest Star Trek and it was great but after the movie and talking to the wife about the $120 it cost (popcorns and icees inclusive) for the 4 of us to go, it seems a bit hard to justify. The sound and the picture are great but I do enjoy watching a movie on my 60" plasma with 5.1 for $4 quite a bit as well.