Image/soundstage and punch/bass

Are there speakers out there (new or used) in the $2,500 price range that have the image and soundstage of Magnepan (my current set up is MG12s) but the punch and bass for rock/hip hop type music?
Yea with a powerful amp & smallish room I would say a gently used pair of Dynaudio Special 40's..
I agree with johnto...Consider 2 subs.

Then obsess and make it a science project.

Seriously, place a couple of subs behind the maggie's and "have it all" as mentioned. 

Or, get lost in audio nervosa  and follow a thread like the one linked.

Eminent Technology LFT-8b. Magnetic-planar drivers (similar to those in the smaller Magnepans, but push-pull rather than single-ended, and in a metal frame rather than glued to MDF) from 180Hz up, a sealed enclosure 8" woofer for 180Hz down. They play louder than the smaller Maggies, and extend lower in frequency. $2499/pr, home audition available for those without a dealer within 150 miles of home.
IMO you're asking for a lot at $2500.  Subs are the obvious choice, but if that's not your bag these Nola Vipers might be a good choice.  Bass down to 28 Hz and mids and tweets are dipoles like the Maggies that may appeal to you from an imaging perspective.  At $3500 they're a bit over your price, but as I said you're asking for a lot, and these were originally $8000.
Add two good musical subs like the Rythmik 12” or 15” sealed. That will fall within your price range and should integrate well with your Maggie’s keeping the “air” and delivering the punch!

I paired two of the Rythmik F18’s in a rather large room with BG Radia FS-420i planar ribbon speakers and the difference was startling.  

I have a pair is Magnepan 1.7i and run occasionally an older Paradigm or Snell subwoofer with them. That is about as good as you are going to do for $2200 for the Maggie’s and the rest on a subwoofer. As for the Dynaudio’s: I had been a big Dynaudio fan. That ended when I heard these Magnepans. They replaced my Dynaudio Contour 20s. I’ve heard the Special 40s. But I am sorry. They are not going to cut it against the Maggie’s. I have to say that at $2200 the Maggie’s are the biggest bargain in speakers today. I am waiting for my Mye Stands to come and the Bass should tighten up further. 
You might consider a pair of Magnepan DWM's, about 1700 or so for the pair.  200 to 40 hz to augment the MG12's.  Add 1 sub or two if you can.  I use 2 10s and a 12 to pressurize the room about 65hz.  IMHO opinion this helps the maggies bottom a lot.
Man, I didn’t know ET was still around, let alone making speakers. I have a bunch of Rythmik subs here, but the ones in my main system--- a pair of sealed 15" are crossed over pretty low- and "punch" to me, is more upper bass, not just deep bass. How high do you run these Rythmiks out of curiosity?
Yup @whart, and ET's Bruce Thigpen is still exploring new territory. Check out his TRW-17 Rotary Woofer; output down to 1Hz!
I just finished building my own Swarm system with 2 Dayton amps and four 10" subs. Total cost including premium rosewood veneer was about $2800. Even with just a quick setup and level adjustment the bass is deeper, faster, more powerful and much more seamlessly integrated with my Talon Khorus than the Talon Roc that I will be selling. In fact its deeper, faster, and more tuneful than any bass I've ever heard in any system at any price anywhere. 

When it comes to bass its not which sub its how many. One or two simply will not do. You need four. The two amps I have is overkill, not needed for power but for greater phase control. But just the way it is now without adjusting phase its better than anyone can do any other way.

With one amp, and paint instead of premium veneer, the cost would be right about $2k. All-in. For SOTA bass. 

SOTA bass from a distributed bass array, or the same crap everyone puts up with from two subs. Your call.

Speaking of calls, if you're not into DIY (and it is a lot of work) pick up the phone and call Duke. Mine is based on the Swarm he sells for about $3k.
@bdp24 - yep, i remember when that fan type driver was introduced.

All: coming back to my question, isn’t "thwack" or "punch" higher in range than sub-bass typically produced by subwoofers? What settings are you using on subs -I tend to cross mine over very low and even though there is a slope and some upper level harmonics, the energy is really much lower at least in how I use a subwoofer. So, I’m curious where people are crossing over if they think "punch" is achieved by adding subwoofering.
(I appreciate the multi-sub approach, room set up, phase, etc. I cheat and use a DSP on the subs that doesn’t affect my main system).

"Are there speakers out there (new or used) in the $2,500 price range that have the image and soundstage of Magnepan (my current set up is MG12s) but the punch and bass for rock/hip hop type music?"

You might look into bipolar speakers, like the Mirage M1 of yesteryear. Definitive Technology is another possibility.  I made bipolars for a while but they were quite a bit more expensive.


Both HSU and Rythmik Audio make midbass models, to use, say, between a pair of mini-monitors and big subs. The Rythmik (two midbass models) contain a pair of 8" woofers.
You might also look into open baffle designs. They have a similar dipole sound and sound staging as planars w the ability to hit hard when asked. I have some spatial audio hologram m3’s. I think they’re one of the best deals in audio. I also own Maggie’s as nothing does what Maggie’s can do in terms of transparency and mid range quickness.. 


@birdfan, nothing? I’m going to surmise you have not heard the Eminent Technology LFT-8b (like Maggies, a magnetic-planar loudspeaker). I have owned three pair of Maggies (including my current Tympani T-IVa), and one pair of the ET’s, and I must disagree with your assertion. Putting aside the differences between Maggies and the ET’s, when it comes to transparency, ESL’s imo still have the edge.

I’ve heard good things about the Ohm speakers.  I wonder if they the image/soundstage is as good as the Maggies.
I like  my Ohm 2000's  never heard Maggies so can't  offer a comparison.  The woofer faces down on the Ohm you can feel it in the floor when you get them turned up a bit if you're  not  on a slab. 
I’ve not owned Maggie’s, though I’ve heard them a lot.

In the right room, the Ohms soundstage is huge, possibly larger than Maggie’s. They image really well, but not quite as precise as properly set up Maggie’s. They are close.

Like Maggie’s, they have lots of detail without being harsh. They simply do not compress though when turned up. Depending on the model, they can thump in the bass department.

They are not perfect, but they do a ton right for the money. I picked up some used 5000s on a killer deal and had Ohm refurbish the cans.

They can absolutley thump.

a nice route would be to find some older used ones, and update the cans.

Isolation pads under OHMs like those used under subwoofers tame any floor interactions which are common with modern suspended plywood floors and most any speaker. They help make the OHMs sound more Magnepan-like, when needed.

I use Auralex subdude under my OHMs when on second floor of my home which have suspended plywood floors. No need on the first floor which is foundation level.  

I replaced Magnepans with OHMs about 11 years ago and have never looked back.
Swallow all pride......

Try this experiment if your room allows...

Try Advent 1's either 10 or 12 inch woofers...

Also try stacking tweeter to tweeter if so desired..