iMac Speakers: Good Enough For Monitoring?

Would you consider the stock speakers in a late model iMac good enough for monitoring the recording of LPs into high resolution digital files ? I'm doing this with the Audacity program presently and need to relocate the fairly modest (30 wpc 1980s 2 ch receiver and Bose 301s) stereo that this computer is piped thru to a newly built workshop. Funds are scarce!
Nope. What about headphones?
What's the purpose of the monitoring? If it's basically to make sure you've transferred the LP without a skip, then the computer monitors will be fine.

If you are monitoring the transfer with the idea of making certain you are digitizing the LP as perfectly as possible with attention to accuracy and detail (assuming your software has adjustable parameters to fine tune the transfer), then the computer monitors are not sufficient.
What are you using to digitize? Frankly any old speaker should be OK if you are using one of those cheap USB turntables. If you are serious about preserving album quality on a high TT with pristine vinyl then the first step should be to find a high end A to D converter (sound card). I am not sure I would trust what comes built-in to the mac.