IMac and DCS Puccini

Looking for advice from anyone who has an IMac as a server and a DCS Puccini U Clock and CD player/processor working together--what settings on either/both have given you the best results...thought I'd ask before I start tinkering myself.

Rest of system is Levinson 32 preamp, Krell Evo 600 monos, Revel Le-1 subwoofer amp with two B15 subs and Revel Salons

BTW for those with an Apple as a server, there is a cool app called Remote that lets you control your source from an IPad, IPhone or IPod Touch. I loaded it on my IPad and now can sit on the couch and get to any song on my IMac, complete with artwork etc...


The remote app will also work with Apple TV and Airport Express. Even a PC on a wireless networks can stream audio to your system to an Apple TV or Airport Express and use the Remote app to control it all. Although the remote app is lovely on an iPod or Iphone it is especially nice with the extra space on an iPad.
I recently bought the Amarra software for my macbook and my dCS u clock/puccinni, it does sound better on redbook and way better on hi rez formats...looking back the Amarra Mini is likely a better deal
I use to go the route of iMac using my gige network to apple tv's and airport express units. I still use them in my den and family room. For my dedicated audio room, I went with a Mac mini using pure music software, cd's ripped using max, going to a wired 4 sound dac2 using toslink @ 96/24 and USB @ 192/24. Big difference compared to going thru an apple tv or airport express at 44/16.