Im over Tidal

I'm cancelling my Tidal subscription due to laggy, glitchy performance along with a music selection that is lacking.  I just can't take the long load times.  If it only take 3-5 seconds but you go through 3 or 4 tracks before you settle on one this adds up.  This along with dropouts (especially Friday and Saturday nights when I am trying to listen to Tidal) and I'm over it.   You are at the mercy of Tidal and your internet connection for music if this is your only source.

I'm moving on to vinyl.  Way better to have hard copies of your music in my opinion, and if you're going to go cd's why not vinyl?  I'm over being a computer dork in order to be an audio dork. 

Two thumbs down for Tidal; I waited it out to see if they would improve but they haven't.

never had a problem with mine...
Sorry to see you go, but you have to do what is right for you.

I haven’t had any issues with Tidal at all. I find their catalog very much to my liking and with the impending addition of MQA, I LOVE TIDAL!!!

I do have a very fast internet connection and top line modem and router.

I also have a massive record collection, but still like the convenience, (and overall sound quality) of Tidal.  LPs are better, but sometimes I just don't want to hassle with it.
Have had some issues with Tidal, mostly here at the Shop where the internet is slow on workdays, on weekends it works like  a champ.  At home where the internet is not as taxed,  zero issues.  I like the playlists they make,  tons of great music that one would to other wise get exposure to.

Preferred listening format is Vinyl though :-)

Happy Holidays

Bummer for you!  Never had a problem here with lag or glitch.
If you are streaming hi res over a wireless LAN connection in your home, make sure it is a strong one.

if it is truly the case that others do not experience lag and you do, chances are the bottleneck is somewhere in your home, either network, your computer/streaming device or both.
I have similar issues with Deezer when streaming in flac, but I really wonder if it is more internet than the music service.
Ummm, I feel kind of stupid now... lemme check into this.  I had zero issues when I was using the "premium" subscription but now that I am on "hifi" I'm having issues.  Didn't even think to blame it on the cable company...

How are your load times for songs?  I am experiencing 3 seconds at least, sometimes as long as 10 or 15 seconds...


Are you using wi-fi or ethernet?

If Wi-fi - Are you in a neighbourhood with lots of routers?

Does your computer have a fast Wi-Fi card?

Where is the router in relation to the computer - my router was in the basement and the computer was on the second floor - too far away

Is you gateway/rpouter fast enough?

Personally - I had all of the above issues that were a factor in using Wi-Fi for streaming - so I went Ethernet and have not had any issues since.

Most of the issues were related to Wi-Fi speed and neighbourhood router interference - the service from my ISP is about the mid point in todays offerings, so it's definitely fast enough.


Williewonka raises good questions. B_limo, one thing I would suggest that you do is to test your Internet connection speed by going to Wait for the "Begin Test" button to appear, and click it to start the test. (Do NOT click any of the other buttons on the page, which despite their appearance are advertisements).

Also, if you are using WiFi it may help to change the channel. That would be done in the settings of your wireless router or access point. WiFi channels are numbered 1 through 11 (in the USA; up to slightly higher numbers in some other countries), and if you are on a channel that is the same as or close to a channel used by a neighbor, or a cordless phone or other wireless device, that could be causing the problem.  Using software that came with some of my WiFi adapters I've found that my neighbors use channels 1 and 6, which I suspect are the default settings of their wireless routers or access points, so I use channel 11. 

-- Al
just got on Tidal and they have the whole collection of later Miles Davis Lp's, one click and it will play all day - you gotta find a way to make it work :)
Zero issues with Tidal since I switched from Netgear Powerline adapters to Apple AirPort Extreme duo.  Best sound and music collection is growing...still not on par with Spotify and Rhapsody.  But I would take awesome streaming quality over content any day.  

Last thing you want to hear is 'lifeless' sound from your precious gear.  

Happy Holidays! 
B_Limo - If you are using Wi-fi - I just changed my Wi-Fi adapter due to issues with the old one and Windows 10.

The Old adapter was very "glitch-y" but
 according to the stats displayed in Windows there was not a problem.

I ruled out the Router, since every other device in the house worked very well

Seemed like the adapter was the next logical part for replacement

The new D-Link Xtreme N adapter is lightning fast are very reliable

Maybe this is your problem???

Tidal streaming issues are your internet provider/modem/router isues, IE, you do not have a fast enough throughput.  You may be paying your provider for 50 mips but unless you check it yourself, you do not know what you have.  I had Tidal problems in the beginning as well.  I ran speedtrest and found out my cable company, who was charging me $50 a month for the "50 mips fast download" never initiated it and I was using 5 mips for years, paying for 50.  Once I told the cable company, they hit the switch and I was listening to tidal without ANY issues.
Sorry I haven't replied forever... for some reason I didn't have the text box.

Anyways, yes I do believe it is my internet connection, without getting into details.

I have another thread that I can't seem to respond to either and that one is "Tidal vs Spotify".  Many people have responded saying that Spotify sounds as good as Tidal, which it doesn't, not even close.

I actually use Tidal as my main source and have for quite some time; I started this thread in a fit of rage but it was due more to user error than Tidal.  

I have my laptop/music server connected to my Comcast router with a wired ethernet connection, as it's on the very far end of the house and the signal is not very strong or consistent, no one's fault, just a long distance from the router.

Having said that, I have had no problems with Tidal, none!  When I first subscribed, on a very rare occasion I would get a message that they were having some sort of problem and recommended that I switch out of "hi fi" mode, which I never did.

Even streaming hi-rez digital music files is WAY less data than streaming video.  44.1/16 files should not take up much bandwidth.

I suspect your problems are with your network and/or internet connection.

As for the content, when I can't find an album, I let them know.  Sometimes it's the lawyers who decide what the streaming services can and can't provide, not the service, same issue with Spotify.

Sorry to hear about your problems with streaming. I am in agreement with many here, it's probably your network/internet connection. One way to be sure is to try another service like Spotify and see if you experience the same issues. You must hard wired your streaming device. In my setup, I have isolated the streaming from rest of the traffic by adding a pair of AirPort Extreme on both ends. 

Every now and then my AT&T router bogs down and I have trouble connecting to Tidal. Whenever this happens, I also experience sluggish web browsing so I know it's not Tidal or my streaming device.  A simple soft reboot of the router fixes the problem and I am back to enjoying music.