Im looking for Speakers/Sub to play rap mostly

Ive got a system im building for my best friend and im curious myself.

A couple years ago we scored at magnolia's closing and got Mcintosh gear at prices we should have never seen.

Any way his system is starting at a

MVP871 DVD Playe
C46 Preamp
and thinking of the MC402 for the amp

Ive been looking at the Legacy focus 20/20 and the Focal Mezzo Utopia (3 to 5K).

We dont just listen to rap but were young if were gonna build a system we want it to play Too Short as well as led zeppelin and arent really gonna listen to norah jones.

thanks a Million and to quote my buddy, I just want it to be really frickin loud and clean. JBL stuff or horns arent an option It needs to have a very easy to listen to tweeter ideally silk dome style just nice and smooth.
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I was going to suggest the easiest way to get 'frickin loud and clean' is using pro audio gear. One pair of speakers I can recommend for room-thumping sound is the JBL 4343 (despite what you said about JBL). They go very loud while remaining clean (in my experience). That said, the worst I have ever personally subjected them to is really loud Eminem. I have no idea what a fair price is, have zero connection to the seller of the pair currently listed, would not have thought they were 'extremely rare' in any case, but I have listened to them many times and respect their ability to be large studio monitors and play 'frickin loud and clean'. I will be interested to see what others recommend.
I usually don't like to characterize a certain speaker as better than another for certain types of music, but there are rhythmic, dynamic and tonal considerations that could shade a speaker as less suitable for for a given music style. Basically any speaker that would sound good on rock will sound good on rap. Search the archives, it's been a well discussed topic.

If you want to hear it the way they listen to it in the recording studio, I suggest the following:

Dynaudio M1.5 or M2 (click on the link for Model Overview and scroll thru the PDF0
PMC EB1i - there's a pair listed on Audiogon
Quested VH3208

Along more traditional audiophile lines I think your Legacy idea would work. Also certain models from Wilson, NHT, VMPS, Revel and Zu could be considered.

If you're serious about the really frickin' loud, then seriously consider the pro models. There's consumer loud (105-110dB) and then there's pro loud (120-125dB). That's more than twice as loud what most people think of as really loud.

Let us know what you end up with.
thanks I have to say this wasnt quite taken as I meant, Pro audio is a whole differenct ball game. Im just looking for some speakers and subs that can handle some serious bass without distoring
If you need bass, then get a subwoofer or two, in my opinion. The monitors can be whatever.
As one who manufactures both home audio and pro audio speakers, and does so with pro audio drivers, in my opinion they are not necessarily whole different ballgames.

One reason to consider speakers that use prosound-type components for demanding home audio use is the freedom from thermal compression. Thermal compression occurs as the voice coils heat up and the resistance rises, and can rob speakers of two or three decibels on peaks. This compression of the peaks reduces the liveliness and emotion that should be in the music, because musicians use dynamic contrast to convey emotion. Typically mild thermal compression sets in at about 1/10th the rated power, and by the time we get to 1/2 the rated power it's pretty severe. By using drivers that will be seeing less than 1/10th their rated power under home audio conditions, we preserve the liveliness in the music.

However if you do not want prosound components, the Legacys you mention are a good candidate.

Like most pop oriented music rap doesn't really have much deep bass (sub 40Hz) so subwoofers aren't really necessary. As said above by Audiokinesis there really is not that much of a difference between home and pro requirements. What differences that do exist (robustness, volume output, low distortion) favor the pro side. The better home speakers can do subtlety and refinement better. Rap music isn't about subtlety and you said you wanted something frickin' loud. Do the math and see how it adds up.
ok i meant loud enough to seriously rock out, not throw a house party, sadly once you get the fancy stuff those days are gone. But you pointed exactly what I meant, Rap does have some deep bass but alot of it is focused in the 70-120HZ range which to me seems like i would need an extremely fast and power hungry bass woofer in the speaker that can handle as such as its extremely electrified and processed music

Second off youve driven down the street and heard that jerk who blasts his music to the point that hes shaking his car. Thats not cool in public but at 60 on the freeway you aint bothering noone. Its more a question of a speaker that can play all music well and handle rap and do great. as I said we dont just listen to rap, but if were gonna build our systems its gonna be different than my dads awesome SET setup which is great and beautiful but it only works if your going for what hes going for, I went with a Conrad Johnson PV11, MF200 and a pair of B&W Matrix 804's so far.

We like music just want something can pound too, while still making a guitar sing and still being able to pass the audiophile gene down to our kids (Im only into this because it gave me and my dad something to talk about and go figure I really got into it). And for the record my favorite piece of gear ive ever owned has been a conrad johnson Premier 11A.

thinking about it how a would a speaker using the scanspeak 18w45K? or something similiar in name the awesom 6.5" woofer with the spiral that just rocks work?
Oh also the C46 has tone controls which can give I wanna say 12 or 15DB of boost thanks
I just want it to be really frickin loud and clean. JBL stuff or horns arent an option. It needs to have a very easy to listen to tweeter ideally silk dome style just nice and smooth.

Not to pile on, but I agree with other posters that you should consider active speakers. Since you want a silk dome tweeter that is easy on the ears, Dynaudio actives, of which there are many to choose, seem like a natural fit.