Im looking for recommendations for speakers to pair with my fisherKX200

Recommendations are requested so I can have a good starting point, then I will make a decision based on what sounds good to my ears, I run my turntable using Manley chinook  phono and fisher KX200 for preamp, anyone with a similar set-up please respond with your recommendation.
It would help to know your budget? Also that's a nice vintage system you're working on did you want to go the vintage route on speakers also?
Im open to a reasonable amount on the rebuild I dont know what the going rate is for some top notch work, My guess is around 1k, give or take ? I just started shopping so haven gotten any quotes yet, Im using it with my Thorens 125-11 and a pair of tannoys, im quite happy with the speakers dont think ill be changing anytime soon
I am not sure what you need your post title ask for speaker recommendations but you say your happy with your speakers and don't think you will be changing them? And what is you're looking to rebuild? Your Fisher?