Im looking for an expert review of my system nameTom and been working on my 2 channel system for the past 30 years or so..always looking for improvement. sounds terrific now but l want some analysis and criticism. is as follows :
Infinity Kappa 9 speakers,first gen.
McIntosh Mc1.25kw mono blocks 
McIntosh C52 pre amp
McIntosh MCD 600 cd player
Richard Gray 1200S pair
Bluesound vault  cd ripper hard drive 
Samsung 18.5 tablet touch screen 
Monster cable MK2 bi wire cables
Custom silver inter connects balanced
Is there another speaker out there that will blow these Kappas out of the water in my price range?
In afraid to replace them and make a huge mistake. ...they really sing....l use the system ever day its sounds amazing. ....l think my listing room could use improvement at this point not my equipment. ....anyone have any ideas?


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Every time I have made one change it took several changes after that to get things back to where I wanted them. I would enjoy what you have until something seriously goes wrong and then look for something else. But that is just me.Your experience may be different. If you like to get new things to enjoy get new music.