Im looking for an expert review of my system nameTom and been working on my 2 channel system for the past 30 years or so..always looking for improvement. sounds terrific now but l want some analysis and criticism. is as follows :
Infinity Kappa 9 speakers,first gen.
McIntosh Mc1.25kw mono blocks 
McIntosh C52 pre amp
McIntosh MCD 600 cd player
Richard Gray 1200S pair
Bluesound vault  cd ripper hard drive 
Samsung 18.5 tablet touch screen 
Monster cable MK2 bi wire cables
Custom silver inter connects balanced
Is there another speaker out there that will blow these Kappas out of the water in my price range?
In afraid to replace them and make a huge mistake. ...they really sing....l use the system ever day its sounds amazing. ....l think my listing room could use improvement at this point not my equipment. ....anyone have any ideas?

You're basically happy with your system. Your speakers really sing. You think maybe the room....?
You are right!
No mention of your price range ? Besides, if you try something else, it does not appear that you will need to get rid of the Kappas. As far as the room, only you can tell. Do you have a dedicated electrical line or two for your system ? That would clean things up a bit. 
Every time I have made one change it took several changes after that to get things back to where I wanted them. I would enjoy what you have until something seriously goes wrong and then look for something else. But that is just me.Your experience may be different. If you like to get new things to enjoy get new music.
Thanks for all your input. I do have 2 good dedicated 20 amp lines feeding the system. I plan on going to Axpona next month and looking at all the new speakers. ..The Monitor Audio PL 500 'S have me drooling but l don't want to sacrifice imaging for spl's.....l think l want to be buried with my 2 sets of After work l sit in my leather massage chair and access my cd collection from my smartphone, fire up the McIntosh system remotely, pop open a beer.....and let me tell ya its better than any new car...and lm a car
The HFT and ECT might not look like much, but they will make your speakers disappear. You only think they sound good now. These things won't change the fundamental character of your speakers at all. They will sound exactly like they do now, only with greater clarity and better imaging in a deeper, wider sound stage. You will hear improvement from the very first one, and more only keeps adding until by the time you're doing the speaker kit the speakers are even more invisible. Search around you'll find threads with a bunch of people with the same glowing comments as on the highend-electronics website. Perfect time right now they're having a promo all through March.
+1 for millercarbon ...

You're happy with the system and enjoy what it's doing. It's fulfilling your musical needs and tastes.  It's time for you to start delving into the world of tweaks. There are plenty of threads here on A'gon that will guide you in that regard. Just explore and ask questions ... and above all, have fun.

vinnydabully (love your moniker)
As a fan of those classic Infinity Reference designs, it is going to be a difficult task to replace your Kappa 9 loudspeakers. If nothing by way of presentation and sound is broken, leave your system as is.  Happy Listening!

Thanks for the advice. ....My infinity kappa 9's always sounded good but they ran out of gas at a point. .....when l purchased these Mc1.25 kw amplifiers. .everything god do they put out the sound now.......its hard to describe. ...the instruments sound real......the next step is a stand alone music room added to my house. .....Easy said than done. ....
Nice system!
If you do anything, focus on the setup (use Jim Smith's book Get Better Sound) and the room (acoustic treatment). These will give you half of what you hear.
That’s funny. You can’t judge a system’s sound by looking at a list or even by looking at photos of the system in the room.


Right on! Those classic Infinity loudspeakers crave high current, therefore, adding Mc1.25Kw amps is on target to meet demands.

Happy Listening!

+1 for millercarbon ...

You're happy with the system and enjoy what it's doing. It's fulfilling your musical needs and tastes. It's time for you to start delving into the world of tweaks. There are plenty of threads here on A'gon that will guide you in that regard. Just explore and ask questions ... and above all, have fun.


Thanks, Frank. I think its safe to say that everyone who has gotten serious about trying tweaks eventually realizes its not only the most cost-effective thing you can do but can actually take you to realms beyond the reach of mere component upgrades.

I just added speaker kits and wide angles to my existing complement of HFT and ECT and the palpable presence is scintillating. 

But if that all seems expensive vinny maybe start with something easy like giving everything a good dose of anti-static spray?
Sell it all, buy some single driver high efficiency speakers, get some OEM tinned copper speaker cables (connected as bare wire) and a well reviewed tube amp/preamp combo or integrated. Even digital will sound better, and analog will provide bliss... Then spend the rest on a record collection! I've spent decades looking in order to come to these conclusions.Peace
Im sorry I'm a hardware freak....l enjoy industrial design. ....l like big amps ,big speakers. ....l like huge dynamic transients. ..big listening rooms....l also like analog sound. .(not really ) me high end audio is a whole experience between the room ....the equipment. .the sound.....the furnishings. .....everything must put a smile on my face in order to have the effect....right down to the lighting. .....
Then don't bother with HFT, etc. Tiny little dots, whattre those? Instead maybe great big tube traps, sculpted to look like Roman columns, with maybe a life-size David on each side holding a shield, only the shield is a cleverly disguised acoustic panel. 

Then for the amp you get one of these You never heard dynamics and slam until you put your amp on a solid foundation of a big ol slab of granite.

Then to complete the look you get some trick ceiling coving, only what's trick about it is you put Owens Corning 54 acoustic panel behind so its another acoustic treatment, and some intricate plaster cornice panels, which look purely decorative but in reality are diffusers.  Bada bing, bada boom, you got a killer room!
Millercarbon...your talkin my language now........thanks for those great ideas!
I actually have OC54 on my ceiling corners, only covered in fabric with an art deco pattern. Amp and turntable sitting on granite. If you're handy I can show you how to make the most stable, stiff, and massive stand ever
Nice system---you have a pair of Richard Gray 1200's---where are you running them in your system?  
I have them plugged in directly to each 20 amp receptacle and the MC1.25kw's are plugged in also to the receptacle. ....l tried plugging the amps into the RGPC 1200'S instead of the was hard to distinguish if there was a difference. .....what would you suggest? there any easy test method to indicate whats the better way.......l was using some high volume very demanding music and watching and listening for current draw demands. ..if that makes any sense...
The Kappa 9 speakers are connected to the 2 ohm posts on the Mac1.25kw's ....the woofer switches are set to "extended mode".....those thirsty speakers will draw the amps to clipping.......but its at extremely high volume levels.....
The 1200s is meant for front end pieces, where it will supply current on demand, but not nearly enough for your amps, so don’t run your amps though them. 


I concur with jafreeman- do  not plug those power amps into your RGPC 1200. Front end gear only.  Happy Listening!

Gear head or not, you might still consider the high afficiency speaker route. Klipshhorns will drive you out of the room ith very little power, and dynamics are better served when the amps don't have to sweat to drive the speakers, and the room becomes part of the speaker. Radio City Music Hall is lined with Belle Klipsch's...