Illuminations D-60 RCA/RCA Survey

Hello fellow Audiophiles, I thought it would be interesting to ask this question in order to see how most owners use their Illuminations D-60. One end of the RCA plug has a printed number on it. Do you place that RCA interconnect into your Transport or into your DAC, what is the difference you hear?
Thanks for your assistance!
Hi Lak. Gosh I didn't know that the D60 has a printed number on one of it's connectors. I got my D60 from Agon member Disco. He put it on the cable cooker before sending it to me and labeled each connector with arrows so I never even paid any attention beyond that. I'll take a look tonight and report back.
My understanding is that the D-60 is non directional.
Lak: It sounds better the "right" way (Gotcha back:-).
There is black shrink wrap on each end .The end with the shorter length of shrinkwrap goes to the transport. I put a tiny colored zip-tie on that end.(excess of zip-tie cut off)
Lak, I checked my cable last night and couldn't find a number on either end. As I said, when I got the cable it had already been placed on a cooker and directional stickers were on each end so I knew how to hook them up. No complaints here.
Thanks for the information guys, I have two Illumination D-60’s left that I use in different solid state systems. (I also use a Kimber Select 2020 in my Tube system). The 1.5/M is an original made by Illuminations purchased years ago, the black ends leading to the RCA are large and tear shaped. The 1/M was purchased after Kimber bought out Illuminations. The black ends by the RCA are smaller and simply cylinder shaped. The shrink wrap on both ends is the same length on the older cable, the newer {as Avguygeorge stated} cable has two different lengths of shrink wrap. There is a number printed on one end of the shrink wrap. I guess I just wondered which direction others ran the cable. I have tried both directions, some days I hear no difference, some days I prefer it one direction, the next day maybe the other direction. Guess I was just curious! THANKS to all that replied, it’s still not to late for others to share their thoughts.
Lak, now you have me wondering how it would sound if I switched the cable around. :•)
Gunbei, Let me know your impressions :-)
Lak, I bought mine when it was still illuminati and my understanding was the name should read left to right at the transport and dac. I've had one for years and it was one of the single biggest upgrades I've made.