Ikemi vs Wadia 831 vs Naim CDX

I'm looking to upgrade from my Cal15 and wanted some input. The Cal did a wonderful job at detail but it didn't create a very realistic soundstaging and imaging. I lean toward analog so I guess I'm looking for a new player that smoothes the digital out.

Any opinions are welcome.

Lloyd, I haven't had the pleasure of auditioning the players you mentioned, so I can't comment on them (althought they'd be in my short list as well), but I thought I'd add a few more to your list to check out:

YBA Alpha 1
Electrocompaniet EMC-1
Meridian 508 24

Best of luck.
Three excellent machines, I went from a Levinson 39 to the Linn Ikemi and have never looked back. Read the review at Soundstage.com where he compares the two, I think you might find it helpful. If you are looking for analog sounding players its the Linn or the Naim.