Ikemi, ARC CD3 and Audio Mecca Mephisto

I've been very happy with my Ikemi, which replaced an original Planet but am wondering if upgrading to one of these players would be cost justified. Anyone have any experience in how these players compare to each other? I figure the ARC would match well with my ARC amp and preamp, or are there better choices in this range I should be lookng at? I would like this to be my "last" cd player while I wait out the current evolution of the next digital format.
Tony-I haven't heard the two players you mentioned however I would consider an Ayre CX-7 if you can audition one.
I demoed both at home-the CX-7 was clearly superior to the Ikemi in my set up.
I tried ARC, CD12 and Audiomeca mephisto IIx (head to head listening comparison).
All three units are truly good. What shall make a difference is how synergistic they are with the rest of your equipment. I ended up choosing Audiomeca, since it is as musical but with a wider soundstage than the CD12. A great player/dac indeed.

(I am a former musician, and listened to jazz and classical).
What do you find lacking in the Ikemi that you would like to change?
Mprime, as I said I am happy with the Ikemi. Good overall sound with very smooth highs. I'm just wondering if there would be an appreciable improvement by upgrading to one of these units given the other components in my system. When I upgraded from the Planet I gained much more detail and more defined soundstage, but lost a little of the lushness the Rega had. I guess I'm looking for the same level of detail with a slightly less analytic sound.
I think the CX-7 will give you what you are looking for,it had more detail in my system and didn't sound as cold-simply better all round by a considerable margain.......
What about the Opus 21 I've been reading about on another thread? Seems it is being compared to the Capitole and you can audition it in your home for 30 days. This really does get confusing since you can't possible audition all of the options out there. I know in the final analysis it's a matter of personal taste and what matches best with your particular components.
to my knowledge, Linn Ikemi is a great player for its price.
Linn always makes music right.