Ikeda Cartridge

Give it a ranking of Ikeda cartidges ?
On web i read some of EMPL , REX , Supreme , Omega , C2 and so on .
Is the Supreme the top of the line ?
I hope a nice guy can help me !
with fiendly regards from germany
Dear Frank: I own the Rex9, that is the second from the top, and is a great performer.
It is not an easy cartridge for the set-up ( not with any tonearm ) and needs a very good Phonolinepreamp not only because is a very low output but because only with the right Phonolinepreamp we can appreciate the " greatness " of this cartridge.


Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Raul
Thank you very much for the answer !
But say : Who is the Top of the line and where have you buy your REX ? In germany is it not easy to find Ikeda cartridges ! I search a cart. for my Ikeda IT-407 . My Pre-amp is a Jadis JP80 !
Dear Frank: I buy mine through a Hong-Kong dealer who tell me that the REX9 like him a little more over the top of the line or at least he don't find price justified against quality sound reproduction.

Please e-mail me. I will try to find that dealer and share with you the info.

Btw, I know the very high quality of your JP80 but I have some doubts not only about gain but noise level to handle the Ikeda cartridges.

Regards and enjoy the music.