Ikeda 407 VTA adjustment

This looks like a great tonearm but I can't find much information on how VTA is adjusted. Ikeda users, how's it done? Grub screw on the base column? Do you find it to be a detraction from ease of use and quality of sound? Is something like the B-60 adjuster for the FR-66S available for the Ikeda 407?

I must admit, I'm pretty spoiled by the ease of Graham on-the-fly VTA. Still, I'm thinking about this tonearm for the 12-in. slot on my Lenco.

Dear Wrm57: Yes a screw on the base column. The B-60 works too with the Ikeda.

regards and enjoy the music,
Actually, 2 thumb screws on the base collar set 90 degrees apart (no tools required)
Got it. Thanks to you both.