Ikea "Lyte" Rack... anyone with experience?

I came across this thread a while back:


I just moved into my new place and am going to give it a try. It's cheap enough. End tables and TV Bench for $50 off Craigslist.

I've managed to source a few of the older "Lack" tables circa (I think) when this thread was current.

The tables since 2002 use a different construction method. According to the original designer of this DIY project, it still works the same. However, there is most definitely a weight difference. Anyone have experience with the new tables?

I'm going to be using some Dayton Black Chrome speaker spike/brass cones from Parts Express.

My main question, I have 2 options:

Should I follow the original recipe and just stack the end tables?


could I just use the current "Lack" TV stand/bench (58" long, same dimensions as the end tables, so no cutting) as a base, spike the end table tops and place them on the bench?


Ideally, I would like to take the legs off and just have the stand sitting flat on the ground. Try to keep the unit low. Perhaps putting some sort of absorbing material underneath the bench, or I could spike the bench.

Tube integrated Amp, tube DAC, TT on separate spiked "Lack" end table tops on top. Oppo/using as transport on spiked platform on the bottom part.

I have hardwood floors.

Would the bench vs directly placing the spiked tops stacked on the floor per original recipe make a difference performance wise?

(scroll down to the one by member "restock" w/the Michell Tecnodec on top)


or am I going insane as my friends suggest.

Thanks in advance.
If you look at my Total Victory IV ad, you'll see how I used four "Lack" coffee tables. I got the brass cones from Parts Express; wasted one set of legs to do the base, doubled up the bottom shelf; used two of the undershelf boards (three sounded too "dead") to make the middle shelf, and doubled up the top shelf, added the other two undershelves, and my friend's Target isolation platform. The CD player sounds fine as is; but you can see I use brass isolators under, and weights on top of the Steelhead.
You have to be creative, because the legs are no longer filled with wood fiber except in the ends and in the middle.
Thanks. I think I ordered the same cones from Parts Express.

I have to cut up the legs, but they feel solid. A lot heavier relative to the tops. I bought the end tables off Craigslist, so I'm hoping I lucked out and got the older version.

The "new" lack end tables at Ikea are noticeably lighter.

I was worried about the legs, hence the use of the Lack TV bench as the base. The dimensions are the same as the end tables, so there is no need to cut the platforms. I'd just spike them and place them on top of the bench.

Guess we'll have to see when I cut into the legs.
They looked solid, and even sounded solid; but when I cut into them they were hollow. You can use a thin nail to find out, or even a tiny drill bit. I even thought of making a resin and catalyst filling. Other guys (you have read the Lack Rack thread on the other site, haven't you?) used triple-expanding foam to fill the legs for sonic benefit.
Yeah I have read the other threads... probably all of them. I have another thread going right now on Audio Asylum, one respondent had legs that were solid (the wood veneer versions), but he bought his end table about a year and a half ago.

I know the new ones are very very light, so wouldn't be surprised if they were hollow.

Ken Lyons, the designer of the rack, did claim on one thread that despite the various construction methods, there wasn't much difference in the performance of the tops.

I'll have to see. I know that when I placed my components on the "Lack" bench (newer Ikea product), it didn't sound very good.

I know guys tried to fill the platform/tops with foam, but not the legs...

That's what I'm wondering, do the legs matter, insofar as in keeping with the intent of the original design?

I"m hoping to not have to use the legs at all, and just place spiked tops on the lack bench.

Only one way to find out I guess..