Ifi Spdif purifier

Picked one of these up on a whim. Haven't had a chance to listen to much music yet but watching 2 channel tv through the Fire TV is much improved. Voices are so much more easy to understand and I dont have to turn it up near as much. Anyone have experience with this guy. 
If Thorsten was involved, it's likely an exemplary device.

I use it for my smart TV and cable box as well as my Blu-ray player  because it passes Dolby Digital signal. Big difference to reduce jitter, just like I do with 2-channel PCM using my Synchro-Mesh.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

I added an iPurifier to my transport and DAC combo after it was recommended to me by a forum member. I was told for optimal performance it would need an LPS.
With that said, I was not impressed using it in my 2-channel system with the stock wall-wart.

After allowing 200 hours run-in time, music was still sounding anaemic, lacking low-end extension, a narrow soundstage. But it did improve detail.
I suspected that I had a jitter issue and needed a reclocker (the trial period for the iFi had expired) so I ordered a LPS with a large torroidal transformer and high quality caps. The improvement in SQ was astonishing with XL dynamics, wide and deep soundstaging, and music that had real weight to it. I finally had a system that was non-fatiguing.

I already had decent components; Audio Note Dac and PS Audio PWT. The iFi was a low cost solution to improve my digital.

what LPS did you purchase?
Lowrider what LPS did you go with?  Very curious!


You are correct, an LPS does improve its performance. That said, the tests also show that the Gustard U12 performs better natively, and about the same with the LPS added for the iFi.
^^^^ You selectively left out an important part of the review regarding the comparison with and without an LPS:
"I should note that these are not audible problems as the levels are quite low. Just lack of good engineering and system design."

Nonetheless, still curious to know which LPS gave "astonishing" difference in the sound quality.
Sorry, I didn't see your questions until the @ notification was used.

I'm using a Swagman Labs Signature LPS, recommend by a couple of members. $280 for all premium parts built to order and a major upgrade in sound. I had good contact with them throughout the order and delivery process.

The iFi takes 5 volts. If it was mistakenly fed 12 volts, would it likely blow?

I agree with the comments about the iFi needing a better LPS. I had an old Core Audio Technology Kora around and that helped a lot, but a Paul Hynes SR4 is even better.
What the review doesn't mention is how the S/PDIF coax cable can affect jitter and the overall SQ. 
In my system using a PS Audio PWT and Audio Note NOS dac, the iFi plus LPS made a noticeable improvement. Music's more organic, spacious, has more weight, lower noise floor. I was using a variety of coax cables, always searching for one that would help achieve that analogue-like presentation.
I'm now using a High Fidelity CT-2 SPDIF and the improvement is astonishing. With this cable the sonic effect of the iFi is negligible. 

As a reminder, in the review the iFi was tested using a SMPS wall-wart. Not really a fair test for use in a high-end system. Even the designer of the Synchromesh recommends the use of a LPS.

lowrider57, did you special order the Swagman LPS with the mini USB to fit the iFi or had to cut&splice the cord?