iFi Micro Phono opinions

This phono stage was paired with an $8500 cartridge and from what I hear it faired very well. I purchased one and I have listened to only 2 LP's thus far but none of my reference Lp's as of yet. I'm a lil concerned with the bottom end which is taught but a little light weight IMO. I have a modified by Tom Tutay Jolida JD9 phono stage which I find a little noisey but very good sound top to bottom. IMO the unit has a little too much gain. So I'm playing with the gain but still it has very good bass, etc. The top end of the iFi Micro is more extended. I'm looking for other opinions of this phono stage as it is special. It produces drums very well. I mean very realistic maybe accurate. My phono cartridge is an Ortofon Rhondo Red. Not the best cartridge out there but pretty good, thus far. Tell me what you think if you own the iFi micro phono or if you have heard it. Thanks
You'll find that the sound of the unit will change with time and input. I've always burned in phono pres with a cheap dvd drive, and a CD with pink, brown and white noise, set to repeat, with the level reduced. Here are some items, that should make the process easier: (http://www.ebay.com/itm/KAB-Precon-Phono-Stage-Burn-Device-/390867779118?pt=Turntable_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5b0188fe2e) & (http://www.musicdirect.com/p-7118-granite-audio-phono-burn-in-cd.aspx)
Is that good or bad? LOL