IFi iusb power supply and conditioner any info?

Has anyone tried these items?
Both items are designed for cleaning up the usb signals.
The power supply separates the data signal from the power.
The conditioner, I guess conditions the final signal going into a dac.
35% improvement with the power supply at least.Add the dual headed USB from iFi for another jump.Pretty nice jump in sound quality.With both pieces pretty spectacular sound.Rick at Audioforce dot biz
I have the power supply, and can tell you I've tried it with 2 separate dacs: a Wavelength Cosecant, and a Meridian Explorer.

The Wavelength was a noticeable improvement, but the Explorer went to a whole new level. Better bass, better staging, more body, more there there.

What dac are you planning to use with it?
Thank you for the helpful comments.
I just received the 2 units.
I will be using it with my Bryston BDP-2 usb player and my PS Direct Stream Dac.

I seem to be getting a periodic click,(pop, snap)that is driving me crazy. Its faint but I can hear it about every few minutes.
Also, did you find the unit needed burn in time?
Well, I unplugged the units for awhile and when I plugged them back in, the periodic pops are gone. Thank you! I guess I didn't have one of the cables in properly.

However, I still like the sound better without the iFi units.
Audiosource, and Ppeters did your units require break in time?
As the iFi units burn in more (now 100 hours) it seems to be getting better.
At this point it may be a keeper.
How does the IFi compare to the Kingrex double-cable and power unit? Anyone hear both on the same system?
It's doing some great stuff right now for my Mac Mini > Bel Canto uLink > Bel Canto DAC3 playback. Just got it Saturday, so about 100 hours on it. Bass is now better rendered, soundstage width and depth better, greater treble extension, lower noise floor, and overall more relaxed and transparent presentation via the ST fiber link and using Nordost Heimdall USB cable. I used to think that the fiber link had some roll off and attenuation, but not anymore. Not so great recordings aren't prettified, though.
Just got a dual headed usb to use with the IFi power unit. I was amazed that I can actually unplug the power usb and everything continues to play.
I must say I have been very surprised with this unit and I am glad I bought it.