I've been trying out this DAC/streamer in my home.  The first unit completely crashed in the first few seconds and had to be replaced (it went into "protected mode" and never came out).  The second one works.

Here's the lowdown - it sounds really good, particularly in certain filter modes (I prefer Gibbs-Transient, and sometimes DSD upsampling, interestingly, the tube modes don't do much for me).  However, the streaming functionality is not at all ready for prime time.  You can occasionally get bursts of white noise when switching program material via DLNA, or using chromecast to the optical input, and this morning it just crashed altogether in the middle of streaming. I had to reboot.

This is *after* updating the firmware as requested by IFI support. Prior to that it would switch off between tracks while streaming.

Also, the remote is absolute crap, just a sticker over two volume switches (one of them NA), and the "Muzo" app is just the worst piece of S**t I've seen. Fortunately, one doesn't have to use it.

The manual doesn't cover basics, such as how to set up wifi (Which is necessary for Muzo, even if you are wired for streaming, which I certainly am).  

So it seems a bit dangerous to keep.  I know it is a somewhat new product, but does anyone know if IFI firmware updates eventually even out the features in other products?
I had a similar experience as you. The Muzo app is horrible and I could never get it to work on iOS, but ran okay on my Android phone. The only other recommendation they had was Bubble but that is also Android only compatible. Using a SD card was not a very good experience either.

I enjoyed the various options the DAC offered and it sounded really good. Support was good in terms of responsiveness, but they could never completely resolve my issues. Even after a replacement was sent still no acceptable wireless streaming. So back it went.
I have the iFi ProiDSD
I do not have the issues that you have.
I agree with you about the remote.
Muzo app. Is the worst I have ever known ( I had two DAC Streamer before ). It works , but it does not keep up with the competition.
No probleme with ios
I did not know, there was a firware upgrade.
Too many filters in my opinion.
The manual does not give much explanations.
To play DSD files , I have to use JRiver. It was not writen anywhere.
I use it wired.
The sound is good.
There is balanced HeadPhone output.
Would I buy this product again ?  May be . For balanced headphone 

I have only comparative experience, using the Fiio x3v2 for DSD playback with no problems over three years. And yes, the double DSD vinyl rips that I make (on my Tascam DA3000 recorder) sound the best, even on this tiny machine. I can hear how increased resolution improves sound. Impressive! No balanced output, however. And copying of the big DSD files into it takes time of course. A friend of mine thinks that the Pono, with balanced output, sounds better, even if the file format is lower. I learned a lot from reading the debate over at headfi.org.
Incidentally, I use Bubble as my primary control point.  It works with other streamers, including chromecast, without issues.
on ifi Audio site, it is said that the new firware is a `` Beta ``
I will wait and download the firware when fully functionnal.
Streaming upnp just not ready for prime time.

Btw, I had a Cambridge 851N that crapped out and after some discussion they offered me a decent trade in value against their statement product, the Edge NQ.  This is a really good DAC.  I've been comparing back and forth this morning and i prefer it to the best settings (GT) I found on the ifi.  Rock solid with wonderful bass presence and a lovely  black silent background.  Streaming works perfectly and it has built in chromecast, analogue inputs, a volume max (helpful with my overpowered amp), etc.  They did a good job with this.  I can't even find the DAC filters, etc. on the web, but nicely done.