Ifi iDSD New firmware update now support MQA - Free upgrade

MQA Support Added to iFi Audio Products. Now it is the most capable budget DAC on earth. Can do DSD64, 126, 256, 384kHZ/24bit, basically everything.
Went back home and flush the newest firmware. Now direct Tidal MQA master directly through iFi IDSD DAc. My gosh, compare to FLAC 44.1k/16bit, the MQA 192k/24 bit is very much like my DSD playback. Super happy.
Is that the Pro or the nano model? The Pro is not much of a "budget" piece?
junzhang10, what do you use as the source component for feeding the Tidal content into the iFi?
I have the iDSD nano le version. I listen to Tidal MQA through Byerdynamic 990T 250ohm from Lenovo 41T> Ifi iDSD MQA DAC> Byrrdynamic. Very low cost but very good listening experience.