If your System can Speak

What would your system say about you if it can speak? Would it reveal the silliest thing(s) you've done while listening to it? What is/are those silliest thing(s) you've done while listening to your system? Keep it clean guys and girls...if you can ;).

My system would say, "stop playing that Diana Krall's new CD". (j/k).
My system would say, "C'mon, let me rip! Turn me up! You bought me to really let loose so let's do it! I know, I know - there are other people in the house, but they don't mind. Really!"

Occassionally it would say, "What the heck to I have to do to get the other three music lovers in the house to come listen to me?"

"shut up and listen"
Why the hell do you make me play Charlotte Church and Pantera in the same listening session?? What kind of freak are you?
"stop tweaking my noise."

Sincerely, I remain
"You change my cables more often than you change your stinking clothes"
Funny stuff! How about - I'm finally warmed up and your sorry butt is falling asleep!

My H/T system would say. Hello Hello you bought me. I'm right here. Turn me on; use me. I'm bored.

Admittedly I've been listening to a lot of music lately
"I'm a $45K 'nose in the air' audiophile system, and YOU'RE playing JERRY LEE LEWIS through my high strung private parts all the time???....Puhleeeesssee". Cheers. Craig
Uh, I am now bored of all the same equipment in me for all this time.
I know you have been to the stores and have not found more pleasing sound, but I am bored. I need new friends.
Could you at least get me a stylus or a new D/A for xmas???
"i'm afraid, dave......... dave........... daisy..... daisy....................givvvve............. meeeeee................................."

"Would you please ask visitors to stop fingering my grill cloth, they could poke out a membrane."

"Sure I crackle every so often. If you had over ten thousand volts running across your face you would crackle too."

"No lady, I am a pair of high end speakers not room dividers."

"Yes UPS driver, I am better than Bose."
"Gimme your wallet"
"Hey, give me a hit off that 'doobie'!"
Albert-better then bose? come on that's gotta be impossible, with those wee little sound labs its impossible to "fill" the room with sound the way those magical bose cubes do. BTW is the operation up and running again? any new pictures at SLOG?
I wish I had the courage to ask. My contractor and I are wearing a bit thin with each other due to his broken promise of completion by Thanksgiving.

Granted he did not specify which Thanksgiving (2004?).

Images at SLOG will be posted when the mess is clear. The only work remaining is the paint and the acoustics people. The bad news is that the acoustics people are tied up on NFL studios and there are no technicians in the city right now. Another penalty of having the project be so far off schedule.

I am doing photography of several recording studios and corporate building that they have completed. Hope is that they will move me up in line when the time comes to do my job.

Right now even Bose might sound good. Kind of like going for three weeks with no food even McDonalds would look like a feast.
Albert, I'm not familiar with SLOG? However I would like to see your pics. Would you be so kind as to provide a link? Thanks
Glen, it is the Soundlab owners site.


When I supply the new image it will show my current components as well as cosmetic and acoustic changes to the room.

By the way, SLOG is looking for more traffic. I ask Audiogon if they objected to my posting info about them and Arnie said it was no problem. Any Audiogoners that are fans of Soundlab speakers could visit and help with questions there as well.
Thanks Albert, I checked out the web site and your old system. That sure was a nice looking room. I bet the new on is going to be the s##@%$##&**t. can’t wait to see the pictures.

The thing that impressed me the most was your grounding system. If you used dedicated ground wires to each and every plug your light years ahead of the pack.

I'm thinking about adding this same feature to my circuits. I pulled one isolated ground per three circuits with excellent results. That's a heck of a lot of ground wire but I can certainly imagine the pay back!!!