If you won the power ball tomorrow night would you

1. Upgrade parts of you're system.
2.  Get rid of everything you have and start over again.
3.  Buy a new house and build a dedicated listening room.
4.  Hire a consultant to put together a system for you.
5.  Just enjoy what you have and buy more music.

If you were to count from one to 1.3 billion (estimated amount next time around) at a second for each count, it would take over 43 years to finish.  That's too much for one person when you think of it. Screw this winner take all mentality we have in these States and make it so there's 1,000 million dollar winners or 2,000 half million dollar winners. Anyone could easily live off that much.

The demand would be so great as there would be so many possible winners. Just a thought.

All the best,
Pull away from the Matrix and get off the grid. 100% solar power and purchase more expensive gear.
The payout on the $1.3 billion prize,  if won by an individual,  and taken as a lump sum one time thing is somewhere north of $400 million.  No gripes about the big bad government taking the $700 million in taxes since the work involved in winning it was just plain dumb luck.

That being said,  family and friends would be taken care of immediately.

I would then take half of the remaining money and become an anonymous philanthropist,  chairing any number of charities which in and of itself would be a full-time,  noble,  worthy occupation.

Then its a mad blur of purchasing houses,  automobiles,  socks,  candy, and solar powered inflatable zeppelins.

As for audio gear,  allow me to paraphrase Ralph Kramden...

"just think how great all this will sound in a Park Avenue apartment,  Alice!"

That's why I don't support lottery. It's a catch to rip you'all off and buy more ammo.