If you won the power ball tomorrow night would you

1. Upgrade parts of you're system.
2.  Get rid of everything you have and start over again.
3.  Buy a new house and build a dedicated listening room.
4.  Hire a consultant to put together a system for you.
5.  Just enjoy what you have and buy more music.

2 and 3.
1. For sure, yup, I just won $800M and all I need is that new uber interconnect to make my system sing.  I'll be happy forever ....
I'm going to have to wait for it to reach 900 million before I buy a ticket. :)
1 and 3.
Get rid of everything and keep on trucking!!
Keep what I have and give all but 500K to Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders 50/50 .
Retire a little earlier than planned....
+1 for Drs. w/o Borders--I think they are far and away one of the most worthy groups to give to.
I'm sure I'd eventually get a different house and bigger better system (present one is way under 10k) but nothing too ostentatious.
1.  Retire
2.  Retire
3.  Retire!!!!
Can you sense a theme, here?
zman, this one has officially hit 900 million--it's time to step up to the plate.
I would.
Buy a new Mercedes AMG S63 and drive by my ex's house blowing the horn!!
New house with dedicated listening room.
New house with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean with my new speakers on either side of the vast windows so the music can be immersed into the view.

I would upgrade all of my equipment and get all of the ARC reference gear. Oh ... and particular attention would be paid to the addition of a real state of the art turntable, arm and cartridge, price bring no object.

And then for the family room ....  
1. Gone for few months on Norwegian Cruise Lines
2. Move to Switzerland up high to the mountains
3. BMW X5
4. Keep my current system maybe in dedicated room.

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Schubert, you're the man.
Hookers and cocaine.
Just joking, but seriously....
Uh...What was the question again?
1. Keep current system and move it to my work out room.
2. New man cave room with full Ayre/Wilson setup.
3. New house with man cave and movie room.
4. Hire a guy to set up my table correctly. Never can get that thing right.
5. Get a new Mac with 10T hard drive. 
6. Tesla P85D.
7. Give to my local SSVF program to help homeless veterans. 

That didn't work out so good for Lamar Odom, but it's your a$$.
Thanks, nonoise .
tosta, I spent 2 yrs in RVN as an infantryman, those Docs without Borders
are as brave or braver than any soldier . Truly do Gods work in this world !


I would build my dream system w/o any constraints!

Easy - buy a 1957 Gold Top Les Paul!  Everything else is just more stuff.

Happy Listening.

Start a nice stereo shop and sell stuff cheap to Audiogon members.
Agree Doc without Borders and many other charities
Plus a few equipment upgrades but keeping my Von Schweikert VR55 Aktive speakers
I wont win. Im a born broke loser with a fair job making poor income. 
And it will always be like this. I accept my piss poor status with this life. 
sigh......back to work I go....
I would buy a solutions CD player and call it a day with the rest of my system.  Then I would buy a second system. Lol
you've all forgotten to give at least half to the warlords first.
That's enough money to buy an Oceanfront home on the East Coast with a large listening room with floor to ceiling windows all around so I can watch the sunrise listening to some great tunes and then get in my chartered jet and fly to my West Coast oceanfront home with floor to ceiling windows to watch the sunset and listen to some great music. 
1. Buy presidency. Not US presidency.
2. Slightly improve my stereo, by a factor of 10.
3. Not a dime to any charity, might set-up my own.
Alternatively, could sacrifice the presidency and stereo upgrade, form private Foreign Legion and stop the war in Syria within two months. Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children wouldn't be needed there much.
Don't wanna sound like a jerk here but, charities will not be the first thing I think of if I hit for 1 billion dollars. 
All this "doctor's without borders" talk is NOT why I'm reading this thread.
Come on guys. Say something....
...I don't know.......exciting. Remember, you just hit for a BILLION dollars.
After/if I made it through the first few weeks of partying like the wolf of wallstreet, then I'll start to think about charities. 
If I'm not dead. Lol

Definitely #3. This is the plan already established. If I had that sort of money however the "room" would be a separate building from the main house connected by a breezeway. I would research and oversee each step of the construction since I love projects. The most interesting aspect would be determining room shape. That would be so much fun!
I'd spend it on women,booze,and fast cars. The rest I would just waste.
I'm wichoo man. A '57 Goldtop fer sher!

czarivey says:
"you've all forgotten to give at least half to the warlords first."

You don't need to remember that. They take it right off the top!
Thank you rocray! I've been waiting for that.
Rather obvious anyone who would choose "devilboy" as a moniker has no interest in welfare of others . 
This is easy for me to answer; see my previous thread on the Magico Q7, Solution Electronics system I heard at Chattelin Audio in The Netherlands, December 2014:


That will take care of the first $0.5 million of the lottery win, the rest I can waste on sex and drugs and rock and roll!
Hey Schubert,  if you hit the lottery the first thing you can buy is a sense of humor. 
Lol. Lighten up a bit. I'm just playin.
I'd buy 1.2 billion lottery tickets. 
Maybe build a small theater with great acoustics, and hire my favorite artists to come play live for my guests and I. A concert a week, maybe more. Engage Kavi Alexander to record the shows, so we can finally get great music recorded in great sound.
Hey, devil, ,I already have a sense of humor , You need a sense of serious .
3 and 5. Keep my kit. New house. Give up the damn job and all the waste of life that entails.
If you were to count from one to 1.3 billion (estimated amount next time around) at a second for each count, it would take over 43 years to finish.  That's too much for one person when you think of it. Screw this winner take all mentality we have in these States and make it so there's 1,000 million dollar winners or 2,000 half million dollar winners. Anyone could easily live off that much.

The demand would be so great as there would be so many possible winners. Just a thought.

All the best,
Pull away from the Matrix and get off the grid. 100% solar power and purchase more expensive gear.
I could finally afford a Bose Wave system and a new set of tires for my truck.
The payout on the $1.3 billion prize,  if won by an individual,  and taken as a lump sum one time thing is somewhere north of $400 million.  No gripes about the big bad government taking the $700 million in taxes since the work involved in winning it was just plain dumb luck.

That being said,  family and friends would be taken care of immediately.

I would then take half of the remaining money and become an anonymous philanthropist,  chairing any number of charities which in and of itself would be a full-time,  noble,  worthy occupation.

Then its a mad blur of purchasing houses,  automobiles,  socks,  candy, and solar powered inflatable zeppelins.

As for audio gear,  allow me to paraphrase Ralph Kramden...

"just think how great all this will sound in a Park Avenue apartment,  Alice!"

That's why I don't support lottery. It's a catch to rip you'all off and buy more ammo.