If you won powerball and could purchase the best

audiophile component system, what would you buy after you built your dream home?
while my house with dedicated listening room is being built,id travel a bit ,,visiting fellow audiogoners along the way,id audition all the equipt.that interest me,,before i made a decision,,id have at least 2 systems,low powered SET,and a hi powered SS ,,no HT
I would outbid you all on the eBay vinyl that catches my eye. I would also travel a lot more a likely bring home stacks of vinyl and (grasp!) polycarbonate. I would mostly keep the same home and stereo. Both have brought us joy and we don't need much more. Although I would get a new analog front end. That would be pretty much it.

OK. I've let "poverty" creep into my system. Since part of having wealth is living a life of comfort and ease. Here's the stuff I would buy(or have been planning to buy).

-new analog front end probably something built around a dynavector cart, probably the 17d2 or xx-2. The rest would likely be a 160 or 255 Teres with a Schroder Model 2 or Reference, depending on how 'hog wild' I want to go.

-new phono, probably build the cornet or Transcendent sound diy kits.

-Get my maggies 2.5/Rs rebuilt at the factory..

-get active outboard XO for the maggies. Get another pair of quicksilver silver 90 amps to biamp with the active XO.

-get Mye stands for Maggies.

-get a proper mount and screen for the projector.

-get a new comfy couch.

-get a proper length IC between the preamp and amp(s), so that I can actually set the preamp on a shelf instead of having to put it on the floor for the ICs reach (again, another piece of 'poverty' that has crept into my system.

-upgrade my house's 75 y.o wiring from knob 'n tube and 60amp service. (!yikes!)

-get a Pioneer Elite CLD-95 laserdisc player.

-get a Pre/Pro with analog multichannel inputs, ability to do phantom 4.0 sound.

-get a third pair of Quicksilver Silver 90 amps to run my Maggie 0.5/QR surrounds. For movies and MC SACD (classical).

-get subscription to Sirius satellite radio.

-finally get some built-in hierloom quality shelving for all of these sprawling (all of the floor!) collections of books, LPs, LDs, DVDs, CDs, VHSs, SACDs, and box sets.

-and a bunch of NOS tubes.

-get some Mapleshade heavyfoot 2inch brass cone footers as well as those sandwidth feet and some maple shelves. Although I'd probably source the shelves and rack from tibernation in PA. I do need some rack space. I'd also pick up some of the Mapleshade recordings as well as one of their refurbished vintage tube amps (?dynaco EL34) to play with.

Basically as far as drastic changes are concerned. Even if I had the money, I woulnd't know what to buy to satisfy me. And since I'm pretty happy with the system as it is, why mess with it?
i would get bose system....lol just kidding.ive talked with friends about same thing....would you go 2 channel or home theater? i would stay 2 channel
Although I admit I would have to resist the urge to buy a pair of Magnepan 20.1/Rs and the VTL Wotans. ;-)
Maybe a new pair of 20.1's and a pair of Pass 600 mono's, Cary SLP28, a new tt, and a the top of the line Koetsu, the new Steelhead, and the best Arcam CD unit I can find.

I still wouldn't buy expensive cables. Too easy to build.

With that kind of dough I'd be too busy having the time of my life to do audio. Eh, maybe a Rockport TT, though ;)
Combak Corporation's Reimyo CDP-777 CD player. Perhaps used as a transport with the company's CDP-777 DAC. This gear was reviewed very positively in Hi-fi+ and I would love to try it out. I would need to win the lottery to afford this stuff.